What Kind of Computer Do I Need to Start Camming?

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What Kind of Computer Do You Need to Start Camming?


Great question! This is actually a really popular question here on OCamgirl. In most cases, people mean to ask two things:


  1. What are the minimum requirements for a computer (to get the job done)?
  2. What other hardware will I need?


Let’s start with the first one, because it’s really straightforward. For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to look at the system requirements for MyFreeCams’ and Chaturbate’s applications. For MFC, the requirements are as follows: a Windows PC.

What Kind of Computer Do You Need to Start Camming?



I know that’s a lot to take in, so write it down.


For broadcasting, you will need a PC with Windows XP or newer; if you have a PC built since 2005, you’re golden. If you just want to buy a cheap laptop as a camming device, here’s a solid budget machine.





Options For Mac Users Who Are Not Supported By Website Software


Run Bootcamp


As for you Mac users, you’re not likely to be supported by a website’s software, but you do have some options.


The best option is to run the Bootcamp program, which allows you to install Windows. This requires you to:


  1. Have enough storage to accommodate a second operating system
  2. Buy a copy of Windows


Run Wine, a Virtual Windows Emulation Program


You can also run the virtual Windows emulation program, Wine, and run a website’s program on the virtual machine. This option is pretty reliable, however will require a more powerful machine.


Use a Browser-Based Version of Their Software


The other option offered by some sites, including MyFreeCams, is a browser-based version of their software, which should work regardless of the operating system you’re using. The downside of this approach is a greater burden on your internet connection. There could also be compatibility issues between different versions of different browsers.


As for Chaturbate, everything is exactly the same EXCEPT that their app works on Macs without any fuss.


Specific Techie Tools Of The Trade


Luckily, most of you will have some or all of the tools you need.


What Kind of Computer Do You Need to Start Camming?

All the better to see you with, my dear.

A Good Webcam


It should go without saying, but you’ll need a good webcam. There are a lot of different cams out there, but as a general rule, anything in the $150 retail range should do the trick. Just be sure to read professional and user reviews to avoid any pricey lemons. If you can’t be fucked to do that, we recommend the Logitech C920 for Windows, or Logitech C930e for Mac.


A Good Microphone


While many webcams have serviceable microphones, it is useful to have a separate one, especially if you record videos to sell. It allows you to better edit the audio in post-production. Nearly any microphone in the $100 range will cut it, and I personally recommend the Blue Snowball ICE if you want a budget option.


External Speakers To Add Some Music


If you want to play music while performing, consider external speakers. Add a wireless keyboard or mouse to allow for better maneuverability while performing. Any cheap-ass version of those will suffice.


A Good Internet Connection To Keep You Online


Even though this is not “hardware”, it’s worth mentioning that you will need a good internet connection, ideally a broadband connection of AT LEAST 10 mbps. You can get away with wifi so long as the source connection is strong and you have a good wireless card and router to allow a high data transfer rate.


So there you have it, my curious readers. In order to break into the business you need a Windows PC, a good webcam, a strong internet connection, and likely a few dollars to sink into your new business up front. I hope this helps get a few more of you on the fast track to self-employment.



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  1. gigi August 04, at 01:38

    what about lighting and back ground!

    • Cat August 04, at 07:54

      Lighting guide is imminent. Stay tuned for that next week! (In the meantime, though, a couple of lamps without shades should do the trick. This will also be highly dependent on your space, so you will need to experiment a bit.)

      Background should be uncluttered but not boring. Try to have some things in the background that make you more real, like posters, books, things like that. Last thing you want is an empty wall or even a curtain. Your background should reveal some of your personality.

  2. AngelCakes January 21, at 08:58

    Good article helping me take a deep breath realizing I think (if all my crap was working!) I have the basics to get started. Altho it’s not a horrible start up cost if you wanted to get everything brand new

    • Cat January 21, at 11:46

      Definitely doesn’t take a lot to get started! Once you start making money you can always upgrade from the basics anyway. 😀

  3. Chloe September 18, at 23:37

    I am also concern about Wifi. I use wifi through other tenant who lives next door (we are renting half of a house with private entrances). Will it give away any of my privacy or show my location or anything like that if I become a cam-girl? What is the reason many other articles recommend using wired internet? Thank you!

    • Ashe St. John September 20, at 08:21

      Thanks for the question, Chloe.

      The reason most articles recommend a wired connection is purely for stability. As for your security concerns, technically, wifi is inherently less secure than a wired connection – you have to be very close to a wire to read a signal from it. That being said, someone still needs to be in range of your wifi signal (like a few hundred feet) and modern wifi uses encryption to prevent any old chucklefuck from spying on you. Unless you expect someone to actively try to hack your signal, you should be just fine. As for your more general info, like your location, that’s tied to your IP address and to your email if you’ve used it to sign up for anything that asked for your address, phone number, or the like. This information is also encrypted on most major sites, but someone with the want and the know-how could still access it.

  4. Vixen September 16, at 00:51


    I’m new to all this but very interested in becoming a cam girl, so I wanted to ask a question about this. I rent a room from some people so at the moment it’s impossible for me to hook directly to the internet. The wifi is very good and, normally, reliable. But once in a rare occasion it’ll shut off randomly for a reason no one can figure out. It is rare, maybe once a month, but if this happened when I was supposed to put on a show, or worse during, what effect could that have on my clients and fan base?

    • Ashe St. John September 17, at 09:36

      “You can get away with wifi so long as the source connection is strong and you have a good wireless card and router to allow a high data transfer rate.”

      Specific to your situation, it sounds fine. I would advise against doing time blocks (where someone pays for a specific block of time in advance), however.


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