What Cam Sites & Studios Don’t Want You to Know

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If you’re a new webcam model looking for your first webcam modeling job, you will be inundated with all sorts of claims that are designed to reel you in to a sign up page.


Any of these look familiar?

Cam sites, studios, agencies


I could go on but I think you get the point. Each one of these screenshots came from a different cam site, studio, or agency. I’ll address each of them in the future, but for now it’s important to recognize that most of these companies won’t hesitate to make these flamboyant claims if it means you’ll become a webcam model through them.


This is because when you make money, they make money.


What they don’t want you to know…


Cam Sites



They depend on their models to make a profit. Most take something like 65% – 75% of what customers actually spend on the site. This goes toward things like site maintenance, model promotion, and of course paying support and IT staff. Model promotion is a big one since it means you don’t have to go out and advertise yourself.


The remaining % goes to the camgirl the money was spent on. It might look like a small number if you haven’t modeled on cam before, but 35% does make it possible to make anywhere from $20 – $50+ per hour.






A general rule of thumb is all studios are bad, avoid them like the plague, unfortunately some good studios get caught in that blanket comment but if you are unsure then its the best viewpoint to have as you could be talking about thousands of your hard earned cash going to a studio manager for no reason.

Some legitimate studios are SMDailypay and The Dailypay Service, both offer great benefits and could save you money in the process.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”forward” wrap=”i”]If you stick around O Camgirl long enough, you won’t need that extra support or training because I’m going to give it to you for free. πŸ˜‰


I’ll be reviewing these sites in more detail at some point, but for now I would recommend signing up directly with Streamate if you’ve done your research and just want to get started. It’s the site I’ve worked with most and have personally found the most rewarding in terms of traffic and income. Here’s their direct link.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”forward” wrap=”i”]You may notice Streamate does makeΒ oneΒ of the claims I was talking about at the top of this post, and that is to be expected because frankly they are everywhere. It’s just a matter of sorting out the real ones from the copycats.Β 


Thoughts or questions about cam sites, studios or agencies? Post in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as I can.


Have a good one.


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Founder of OCamgirl.com. Five years on cam. Rocks out on the piano in her free time.

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  1. Kris December 10, at 18:15

    Hi, I want to do non-nude webcam modeling, I have literally spent about 25 hours researching different websites & still haven’t chosen a site bc I’m super confused. I’m getting really frustrated. I’m scared of choosing the wrong site & wasting time. Your thoughts on different sites to do non-nude would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Thank you kindly!!

    • Cat January 16, at 11:17

      Hi Kris,
      I know there are so many options and it’s very easy to get confused starting out in this industry. If you’re not sure where to go, I would recommend Chaturbate as a solid starting point. It welcomes all types of models and is very beginner-friendly. You run your show and non-nude is certainly an option. Hope this helps!

  2. Dre October 05, at 11:03

    How can I get out of a contract through a studio? And are they aloud to take money out of your check more then their percentage? For not making enough money or not coming into work for one week? Really need to get out of this contract thanks

    • Cat October 05, at 16:22

      Ugh, that sounds sketchy as fuck! I would honestly just wait out the term- it’s usually 6 months to a year depending on the contract. And just work another site in the meantime. There are lots of options fortunately! If you need help finding one feel free to reach out.

  3. Bambi Bluebell August 09, at 03:51

    Hi there! I am about to get started as a camgirl and am attracted by the idea of an agency as i guess i’m a little nervous about going it alone. I found this one called Scarlett that says it’s run by women for women, and offers loads of advice and support when you’re getting started. Am i getting suckered? Are these always a bad idea? I guess i’m just picturing getting stuck somehow and having no one i can ask for help. What are your thoughts?

    • Cat August 09, at 10:29

      Hi Bambi! You will end up “going it alone” with most studios as they don’t even come close to offering the sort of value they advertise. They will most often take a generous helping from each check and you’ll be stuck in their contract under a non compete clause that prevents you from leaving and working for the site directly. So there’s a lot of information you need to get from them before you even think about signing up. For example, how is the commission broken up (what does the site get, what do they get, what’s left for you)? If you decide you don’t want to work with them, how long will you have to wait before you can sign up directly on the site?

      If you’re interested in ongoing advice and support from a woman in this industry, I also offer this through my studio. Thanks for reaching out!


  4. Pat July 15, at 16:47

    Very impressed with what your are doing for these women-I am actually on other side a person that goes on these sites for one thing and then i see something that turns me from Voyeur type to fatherly advice type (Yes I know sounds strange, long story). Keep up the good work !

    • Cat July 17, at 14:36

      Thanks Pat! Appreciate the encouragement. πŸ™‚

      • Joe March 07, at 08:28

        I have a buttload of questions that i rather not stuff your thread full of. If you can see my email address from the form I filled out please email me?

        • Cat March 07, at 09:20

          Emailed you πŸ™‚

  5. Camgirl101 May 23, at 01:02

    What if my studio has fired me? Does that mean I’m banned from signing up through streamate again? I would love to do it from home without the studio fees.

    • Cat May 23, at 13:39

      If they have deactivated your account, you should be clear to sign up again. I don’t know the particulars of the contract you signed, but you can always ask them for that info as well.

  6. mariatortilla April 25, at 22:46

    I have multiple questions. First off I have a friend who is working for a studio in the country of colombia. and she says she gets 50 percent of what they earn but reading your article i guess it is 50% of what the website takes first and then what the studio gives her. When i say studio i mean someone who owns the computers ands rooms and such to stream. Anyways If she want to go independent and contact the site itself i am guessing she have to wait 6 months or a year? is there anyway to make income meanwhile? She mentioned that is she could work from home that the studio would only keep 20 % but to me while should she still pay the studio when the equipment would be hers. any advice? by the way the website is retube live. and what do you think of that website?

    • Cat April 26, at 07:35

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for reaching out with your questions! Yes, if your friend wants to work independently on the same site, she’ll have to wait for any studio contract to expire. Specifics of this will be in her contract. In the meantime, there are several alternate sites she could explore on her own. One very popular site that I’d recommend checking out is Chaturbate. I hope this helps!

  7. Jayjay January 14, at 01:52

    Hi, I was wondering how highly you would recommend streamate?

    • Cat January 14, at 06:34

      Streamate is great if you already have a following. I moved to it after building my fan base on Flirt4Free, so that’s what I recommend for beginners.

    • Riviera March 21, at 21:19

      Sign up as independent model on streamate if you can work from home. Long term commitment if you want to leave local studio and work independent or other studio. Could have to wait up to 6 months before you can work for streamate again

      • O Camgirl March 27, at 19:27

        Yes, Streamate studios default to 6 months waiting period for models who want to switch over to independent. This is why I had O Camgirl’s studio set up so that if models decide to go independent on Streamate they can do so right away.

  8. Remy January 12, at 10:03

    Hey vmcat i was wondering about camming locally so to speak. I know alot of people in my area and i think i could easily gather some clientele. I was just wondering if thats all the way legal? Lol pimping myself on cam ??

    • Cat January 14, at 06:38

      Hi Remy,
      If you’re talking about prostitution you’d have to look into the laws in your area. I can’t advise you on legal matters. Camming is legal anywhere porn is legal, but there is no contact with clients. I recommend keeping it that way, since it’s so much safer. Good luck!

  9. Laura lewinsky January 09, at 19:12

    I made my account before joining a studio what are the odds I can sever ties with the studio and keep my account intact.

    • Cat January 15, at 19:29

      It depends on the studio and the site it’s tied to. I would suggest you ask the studio how to be released from your contract. Most of the time it requires you not use the account for a specified period of time (6 months to a year). If they’re scum, try taking it up with the main site. Sorry I can’t be more helpful here. Good luck!

    • albany March 10, at 12:44

      Im in the UK and signed up with an agency and worked for a day. I loved it but didn’t realise (yes-i know this was stupid looking back) i wasn’t allowed to have my friend in the video. She just popped by and got in the shot a few times and i was deleted from the server. I now cant seem to get in the door with ANY agencies… and cant get my head around the dept of adultwork.com
      Is there some kind of blacklist Ive been placed on? Is this even possible?

      • Admin Admin March 10, at 13:19

        Hi, what nationality are you? It will help me answer your query more accurate. I have a deep knowledge of adultwork.com

  10. MurderousAnger September 02, at 19:26

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Internetmodeling was taking a HUGE cut of my partners revenue. we had no idea for months. the ONLY person who works for the company is this “janet”

    free and clear. work for yourself.

  11. Mary Jane August 25, at 00:59

    Hi! first of all thanks for being a figure of support for those who are considering type of work. I’m interested in camming mostly for experimentation and the freedom to express my sexuality. It’s not so much for the money, although some extra would, of course, be welcome. My main concerns: my personal information being shared, and web sites that are a total scam. How can I approach these issues and pursue this safely? Thanks! -Mary Jane

    • Cat August 25, at 09:47

      Hi Mary Jane! Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your concerns. The main thing is to find a site where you feel comfortable – any legitimate site out there will keep your information secure, so it’s just up to you to protect your privacy while you broadcast. And this post will help you identify scams.

      Hope this helps!
      Best, Cat

  12. KK_88 July 14, at 06:59

    Hi Cat! I signed up through Paradise Kitty, not realizing it would prompt me to Streamate. I have not done anything with Paradise Kitty except talk on the phone with a guy. I made about 40 bucks but my main question is who is paying me now? I dont want to keep wasting my time if I don’t know who is paying me. I want to just work for myself, can I somehow remove myself from the link I have with Paradise Kitty? Thanks!

    • Cat July 15, at 10:16

      Hey KK! Who did you set up your payment information with? You’ll get paid, though you won’t be getting a great deal on your commission. You’ll have to read the contract you signed with Paradise Kitty to find the terms regarding release from the contract – usually you have to have not used the account in 6 months or 1 year. I would recommend checking out an alternative site in the meantime. Thanks for reading O Camgirl!

    • Cat July 15, at 10:16

      Hey KK! Who did you set up your payment information with? You’ll get paid, though you won’t be getting a great deal on your commission. You’ll have to read the contract you signed with Paradise Kitty to find the terms regarding release from the contract – usually you have to have not used the account in 6 months or 1 year. I would recommend checking out an alternative site in the meantime. Thanks for reading O Camgirl!

  13. Anna June 27, at 05:41

    Hi there. I was wondering, as far as siging up goes, is it okay to sign up on multiple sites?

    • Cat June 27, at 10:05

      Hi Anna. Yes! I would recommend learning the ropes and building your initial fan base on one beginner-friendly site, but then branching out to find what works best for you. For many it’s a combination of sites.

  14. Hollywood May 20, at 15:12

    Hi, I’m new to this as well and looking to possibly start. Not sure if I was scammed but I got an email supposedly meant for someone else but the girl it was meant for worked for naked.com and they were looking for missing info so they could pay her. It sparked my interest but I’m afraid of being scammed seeing I have never done this before. Have your ever heard of that company?

    • Cat May 30, at 10:04

      Hi Hollywood,
      It is strange that you would receive an email meant for someone else, but I guess not unheard of. I don’t know if the email was legit, but yes Naked.com is legit. We just finished reviewing it here.

  15. 1HotMama May 13, at 04:06

    Hi I’m looking into Cam Modeling. The biggest question I have is all Cam websites are recorded for our protection but I would like to know what they do with all this recordings? Is it like what I am thinking? We make the money in the moment but in return they use our recordings to make on going money? Is there anyway to protect our videos even pictures from over sharing of sites? Does the sites we Cam for sell our media without us knowing? These questions are more about protection than money. Thank you so much for a safe place to ask these questions. Y’all lady’s are awesome!!

    • Cat May 13, at 12:02

      Hi! These are great questions. Most of this information will be outlined in your contract, so read it carefully. I don’t know the particulars for every website, but I know on Flirt4Free and Streamate where I work the site owns all the recordings and they can technically do what they want with them. Some of the most popular models may end up in advertisements, for example. If you’re not a top model on the site, you likely have nothing to worry about. Some girls display a Twitter or link so that any sharing results in free advertising for their show. But I’ve personally never had an issue with this sort of thing, at least to my knowledge. I hope this helps! Thanks for visiting O Camgirl! Best, Cat

      • 1HotMama May 14, at 09:12

        Thank you Cat!! I’m still out weighing my pro’s and con’s but with your info it should help a little more.

        • Cat May 14, at 12:34

          You’re very welcome! Glad we could help πŸ™‚

  16. Lailanee (stage name) May 05, at 21:21

    Hello Cat, I’m in serious desperate need of extra income so I’ll do whatever on cam, well almost. I know being nude is a plus but I’m not skinny or athletic. I have rolls. Not obese but not in shape :(. This would be my 2nd job & extra income but I read most of your posts so here’s my list..make fake name, make fake background, fake REAL name, I’ll be wearing a wig to disguise myself and heavier makeup then I normally wear. I’ll be working in a studio so I’ll make sure I read my contract. I don’t have a laptop or else I’d do it at home πŸ™ . Be “myself” or I could just be my porn star alter ego lol. Love my customers & enjoy what I do. Although I’m really doing it for the money so I need all the advice I can get. I’m literally living out of my car that might get Repo’d soon so ANY tips help!

    • Cat May 05, at 22:12

      Hi Lailanee,
      I can hear your desperation in your post, and I’m sorry that things are rough for you right now. It sounds like you’ve done your research and you have a fairly good understanding what you’re getting into. I would just caution you to try your best to be relaxed and not think about the money on cam – I know it’s hard. But you can do it. We are all doing this for the money, but we have to set that aside and be absolutely sure that our customers see someone having a good time, someone they’d like to have a good time with, not even a little desperate. Be chill, be confident in yourself and remember you don’t have to be skinny or athletic to be sexy and desirable. Believe me, YOU are good enough. So be you, and hopefully soon you’ll be able to afford your own equipment and can work from your own home. If you run into any problems, talk to your studio managers. If they aren’t helpful, you can email us anytime. You got this.

      • Lailanee May 06, at 18:09

        Thank you so much Cat! Any tips on how to feel more relaxed or what you did to over come some fears?

        • Cat May 06, at 20:15

          Go with the flow. It will of course become more comfortable with time. Good luck!

  17. jojo April 05, at 21:16

    I have a friend that signed up under a studio, a new studio named wiscohedogirls. He told her she was going to get 35%. She was camming on SM. It said on SM that she earned 338 dollars. When she got her check from Royce (the studio) she got something like 112 dollars. She contacted him, he said she is getting 35% of the 35% from SM cut. So, when it was all said and done, she was making 12% total. He didnt tell her that. She is under his spell because he is friends with her fb. She wont fight for what she is worth. I am in a studio stupidly signed up with IM thinking they were a cam site and didnt know any better when I first started and IM takes 10%. I wanted to warn anyone out there, DO NOT sign up with this guy. Shady shady. He is taking 65% of her 35% cut from SM. What a shame.

    • Cat April 06, at 00:20

      Hey Jojo,
      Unfortunately that kind of thing happens way too often with studios. Thank you for sharing about this shitty one. Hopefully other girls will see this and know not to sign up with Wiscohedogirls or InternetModeling. They are scum piggybacking off girls’ hard earned money. Sorry to hear about yours and your friends’ experiences. We are worth so much more than this. All the best to you.

  18. Maxx March 18, at 10:11

    I want to work as a camgirl. Right now I’m looking for the camsite that could be good for me, (beginner) and I found CHATURBATE, I like it so much! It’s just, I read that chaturbate pay less to the models from the PHILIPPINES. I am filipina and it could be nice if you could give me an advice which camsite could be good for me! Thank you!

    • Cat March 18, at 13:29

      Hi Maxx! I think Chaturbate is a great site for beginners- they pay industry standard of five cents per token. If they pay less to the Philippines I don’t know anything about this unfortunately, but I suspect it is more a payment processor type issue rather than the site just paying you less. If someone knows about this I hope they’ll chime in. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Thanks for posting your question! Best, Cat

  19. jay February 22, at 10:26

    Hi cat I was a model on streamate under a studio and they totally were horrible to work for.I want to work on strwamate again but sign up directly through the site how do I go about getting out of my studio and working for the site.someone told me there is a waiting period

    • Cat February 22, at 16:04

      Sorry to hear you got with a bad studio. Would you mind sharing the name of it for reference? Unless the studio releases you from your contract, you will have to wait it out (don’t log in to your account – when the time is up, you can sign up direct with streamate with a new account). Depending on the studio, the time period is anywhere from six months to one year.

  20. sua February 17, at 16:07

    So in your opinion, who’s the best to start with? i want to do this with my partner.

    • Cat February 19, at 00:40

      Personally I started on Flirt4Free and I had a very positive experience there. Other models will tell you Chaturbate is perfect for starting out. There is no one right answer to this question, as it depends entirely on what you want to do and how you want to run your show. To give you an idea, Flirt4Free is a private-oriented platform where you seduce members into a one-on-one session or small group session where you can then take their requests. Chaturbate is a public-oriented platform where you work for tips to achieve tip goals and then perform for a larger number of guests. Both platforms are good for couples as well. Hope this helps!

  21. WSF January 04, at 21:54

    I’ve been looking into something called Angel Girls Studio. The shtick is supposed to be that you never get naked, but they train you to chat and perform (sing/dance/play instrument) while clients pay for your time. I’ve seen some testimonials, but I’m still not sold. Do you know about it or know some performers from there?

    • Cat January 05, at 19:44

      It’s just another studio. I found one model who tried working with them and this is what she said: “They were quick to blame me for not making money when they checked in on my cam and again got on to me for just sitting around. They didn’t care I had been dancing around for hours and talked so much my throat was sore. They didn’t care that I was taking a small break. I would avoid them. They do however pay on time, or at least they did for me.” As always, I recommend going straight to the sites you’re interested in (no matter what they tell you, there’s no need to go through a studio). If you’re looking for a non-nude option, I might recommend ImLive or LiveJasmin – they both have a non-nude category. You can get all the training and tips you need from other models – myself, and the ladies on the forums at WeCamgirls, will more than likely help you out if you need it.

      • WSF January 05, at 20:44

        I really appreciate the advice!

  22. Mimi December 30, at 14:02

    Hi Cat. I’ve been interested in camming for a long time, but never persued it. Someone suggested Paradise Kitty to me and from the few bits of information I have managed to find about them they are a studio. I don’t know what I am doing so taking a cut on my pay so that they can help with advertising and training doesn’t bother me. I am just curious if you have any helpful information regaurding Paradise Kitty specifically. Thank you.

    • Cat December 30, at 17:23

      Hi Mimi,
      I’m not sure who suggested Paradise kitty to you, but I have only heard negative news about them from other models who’ve tried working with them. They are not a good studio at all. If you are specifically looking for a studio to help with advertising/training, I would recommend 5 Points. They offer the same services without cutting your pay. I’ve worked with them personally and found them very helpful. Good luck!

  23. missmarryjane December 01, at 13:31

    hey cat you seem to know a lot ……so ive ben having problems getting paid or even a email sent back to me from anyone they owe me almost five hundred and idk what to do im about to call the law system and see whats up but I saw your page and thought id ask ……….so any ideas for me ?

    • Cat December 01, at 20:31

      Hi! Thanks for asking your question. I would love to help if I can, but I need more information. Who owes you money? (Is it a cam site, studio, individual?) How long have you been waiting to get paid? Have you confirmed payment details with the person/company? You’re welcome to respond to this comment here or if you prefer to contact me directly you can do that as well through my Contact page.

  24. Amber September 28, at 01:15

    I’m unclear on what a studio actually does. Could you explain that or direct me to the part of your website which does explain it? thank you.

    • Cat September 28, at 05:33

      Hi Amber,

      Studios represent cam sites, often under the guise that they are cam sites. No one advertises that they are a studio because they do have a bad reputation for taking a cut of their models’ checks without offering value. Not true for all- some studios do offer value (be it training, support, etc). Some studios don’t take a cut out of the check. It’s a crazy world out there.

      I often hear of models accidentally signing up for a cam site through a studio only to find out later when they do the math, at which point it’s too late because the contracts have already been signed complete with the non-compete clause (usually in effect for one year after the account is closed). I actually did this myself when I signed up for Streamate – I have no idea where I signed up, but it was before I learned about their official recruiting division, and I’ll forever get 2% cut off of my checks because I wasn’t careful.

      What the studio actually does really depends on the studio. In general, they stand to gain when models sign up for cam sites through them.

      Thanks for the good question! =Cat

  25. Emily March 04, at 16:18

    hi Cat!
    Well this is all new to me. As when I think of web models, well I mostly associate that with nudity. But as I can see from you story and this post, it is possible to make a career out of being a clothed model πŸ™‚ That’s good to hear! It is very nice of you to share your knowledge and experience with others so that they don’t get duped.

    • Cat March 04, at 16:28

      Hi Emily,

      It’s true that most webcam models do perform nude shows, and – while the job is not easy – that is the easiest way in the business to make a good income, unless of course you’re a natural dominatrix haha. I’ll be going over other niches in webcam modeling as well, since there is more beneath the surface than I can comment on here! Duped is a good word. I am sick of seeing girls get duped. Thanks for sharing your thoughts πŸ™‚


  26. Christian March 04, at 15:56

    There is definiteyly a stigma surrounding cam modeling, many feel like it’s nothing but porn, as if porn is a negative thing (in some cases it can be of course) which I have a problem with. Don’t down talk a thing in public that you love in private… Just saying. There is alot of money to be made, but I myself strayed away from the idea of promoting cam sites because I didn’t know how to promote or approach the niche. Good luck and I know that you are on to something…guys love girls!

    • Cat March 04, at 16:12

      I don’t know how you would begin to approach writing about cam sites (from a model’s perspective) if you haven’t worked on them yourself. That’s why I’m building this site – I’ve tested a few different companies and will continue to check out more when I get the chance. They don’t tend to be very open about what they ACTUALLY pay their models, hence this post πŸ˜‰

      As for the stigma, you’re totally right! I think people need to stop being embarrassed about things they enjoy. It’s a huge part of why so many cam girls feel like they can’t even tell people what they do. Porn and sex work is all lumped together into one big stigmatized thing in society, kind of like how massage therapy used to be. Thanks for commenting Christian! TTYL πŸ™‚

  27. Mary March 04, at 12:57

    In the back of mind I knew this such thing was out there but never really put any thought into it. I will have to check into it further! Thanks for the insight and I hope you bring some more insight about these scams and the business in general. Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Cat March 04, at 14:37

      You’re not the only one, Mary. There’s a whole legit world back here that so many people seem to be unaware of, and I suspect it has something to do with the stigma. I will definitely continue writing about the business, and hopefully help new models avoid the scam side of things altogether. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Hope to see you again soon. πŸ™‚


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