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Hey, Cat here.


The simplest economic principle is this: people do more of what they’re rewarded for. When you support O Camgirl, it tells me that you value our writing and that we should write more.


(Please never contribute if you are having trouble paying for food, housing, or healthcare.)


There are a few simple ways to support O Camgirl:

1. PayPal


You can make monthly or one-time donations via PayPal. Monthly donations (if only of $1) are preferable, as they promote long-term sustainability. For the cost of buying me a cup of tea or a dark beer each month, you can help make sure the site exists for a long time and cast a vote for the destigmatization of the sex industry.

If a monthly donation is too much of a commitment, you can also toss a one-time sum in the digital tip jar.


2. Amazon


Another way to support O Camgirl is to use this link to buy things on Amazon that you were already going to buy. You can simply bookmark the link and label it “Amazon,” if you like. Amazon will then give me 5% of every purchase you make through my link.

3. PinkCherry


If you’re shopping for sex toys or costumes, I can personally recommend PinkCherry as it’s where I shop. I don’t get rewarded when I shop, though. If you use this link, PinkCherry will give me 15% of every purchase you make.



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