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MyGirlFund has a damaged reputation due to various complaints during the past two years. Among them: poor support, changed payout methods, ignored model applications, and suspended accounts.


“It’s so easy to get your account deleted and your money taken from you.” -EvaMGF

They are strict enforcers of their many rules, and this has not gone over well with many models.


Despite this, many new and veteran models continue to find the site lucrative.

“I love that we get paid just to message guys back!” -Kaeliday


MyGirlFund continues to grow its model and customer base. As BrandiW says, “this place is about forming relationships with members one on one.”




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Every model starts at a 55% commission rate on MyGirlFund. With every $5000 earned on the site, a model can earn an additional 2.5%. Eventually a model can be taking home 90% of contributions on the site.


Models call the shots on pricing. There are no minimum or maximum contributions required for transactions. Also, models get $1 for every customer message they respond to. Live cam shows are prepaid in a lump sum donation or via escrow.


MyGirlFund recently overhauled their payment methods. The resulting delayed payments, expired checks and undeposited funds received a lot of backlash from models.


Current payout options are limited to a check in the mail with a $500 minimum, or Payoneer with a $20 minimum. Models can cash out as often as they like, even multiple times a day, provided they meet the minimum threshold.


MyGirlFund refers to transactions as “contributions” and reflects dollar amounts rather than tokens.




MyGirlFund only allows private cam shows, translating into 100% paid exclusives.


There are many paying users, with more joining each day. Time wasters are easy to spot due to the site’s rating system for both model and customer.


The users on MyGirlFund expect a more personal virtual girlfriend experience. This simply means that models must put effort into developing and maintaining friendships on the site before expecting big spenders or regulars. Rather than treating it like a business transaction, successful models on MyGirlFund are friendly, flirty, and seductive. Loyal, long-term regulars are easy to find relative to other cam sites. After nearly six years of modeling on MyGirlFund, I still maintain relationships with a few regulars I found from the very beginning.




The camming platform is mediocre.


This may be due to their focus on building relationships. Customers can begin a chat dialogue for free, but a model can immediately begin her sweet talk that will hopefully result in a contribution.


The site records all chats and stores them for future reference. A model can then refresh her memory next time the customer returns.


Be warned: these conversations are automatically scanned for banned words such as email, Twitter, tweet, gift card, Amazon, and address. Use any of these buzz words and you are guaranteed an email with a harsh warning.


A model can charge a little extra to allow the customer to record a live cam show. Like any clip you upload to MyGirlFund, these recorded shows are stored on the site itself the customer is not allowed to download or otherwise store it. Even though the site offers video hosting, there is no automatic feature for customers to view requested content. Models must maintain the profile and keep track of who has made contributions and which videos they want. Models have to manually send each video or picture set requested. Escrows, as well as paid messages, expire after three days so logging in frequently is a must.


The rating system is a unique feature of MyGirlFund. Rating models is a given. Any paying customer can leave feedback based on a 5-star system after making a contribution or sending three paid messages. Models can leave ratings for customers too, after three paid messages or a contribution. This makes avoiding time wasters easier since they will either have no reviews or bad reviews.




Support is possibly the weakest aspect of this site.


Their pedantic adherence to rules means each model should read and understand the wiki page. If you have software problems or site questions, expect a copy-and-paste response or a link back to the wiki.


Many common questions are easily found on the wiki or help section of MyGirlFund. Much frustration and many suspensions could have been avoided by thoroughly reading the rules, the FAQ section, and the helpful hints provided by the site.


I cannot stress how important it is for a new model to familiarize herself with the rules.


In addition, many models accuse MyGirlFund support of siding with the customer rather than the model.


If you get scammed they basically say ‘tough titty’. -SkinniMinni

Support will not help a model remove pirated content. I have read many negative reviews and complaints from models that the site suspended their account and withheld hundreds of dollars in earnings without warning. I am skeptical of these claims due to my extensive experience with MyGirlFund, and I have yet to verify any such complaints.


Over the years I have broken a few obscure rules which have resulted in warnings from support. I have found that rectifying the error and responding politely results in gratuitous second chances.




MyGirlFund is a relationship-oriented cam site with a poor support reputation. It holds long-term regulars for the models willing to follow the rules and maintain these relationships. Exclusive-only shows and non-downloadable content make MyGirlFund an ideal fit for someone who is apprehensive about being on cam.


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MyGirlFund is a relationship-oriented cam site with a poor support reputation. It holds long-term regulars for the models willing to follow the rules and maintain these relationships. Exclusive-only shows and non-downloadable content make MyGirlFund an ideal fit for someone who is apprehensive about being on cam.


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Roxanna Crinis is a professional web model with over five years in the industry. She holds a bachelor's degree and is pretty good at Minecraft.

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  1. Jenelle April 15, at 13:34

    If you haven’t opened an account already, DONT! Run far & fast as you can. The card company used to pay us girls closed down & mgf didn’t do as much as send a mass email telling us. The only way to find out is to try to cash out & recieve an error message. The only way to cash out right now is to have $500 in your acct (you only take home 55% of what you make so you’d need to make a lot more to have 500) & request a paper check. They don’t seem to be too eager to fix this since it’s been almost a month & mgf hasn’t even addressed it yet.

  2. Chels November 03, at 02:42

    It’s been a while since this review was posted, but I wanted to hear from anyone still with this company– is the review still accurate to this day? Thanks!

  3. LakelandLilly July 26, at 12:53

    Looking to cam. Where should i start? I want to get paid for my naughty photos where is the best place to do so?

    • Cat July 30, at 18:39

      If you’re looking to cam and sell photo sets in the same place you may want to check out Chaturbate. It’s a great site for beginners too!

  4. r0bman January 12, at 02:02

    What in your opinion would make MyGirlFund a better site? If you were to have a say in its overhaul, what would you change?

  5. damiana January 04, at 23:19

    I cannot figure out how to successfully comment, hope this works! I am totally new to this world and trying to figure out where to start. I like the idea of building one on one relationships, non-downloadable content, etc. Do you have any recommendations for a similar site I could start with that has a better reputation? Thanks!

    • Cat January 05, at 06:59

      Hey Damiana,

      Comments have to be approved before they show up (thanks to the number of people trying to promote their referral links and studios on O Camgirl), and I tend to wait until I have a moment to properly respond. Sorry for any confusion around that!

      I’m unclear whether you are looking to broadcast live, or just produce content. Usually I find it’s easier to gain a following to sell your content to if you’re streaming live on a cam site. Building relationships is always going to be part of building your fan base.

      That said, if you like the sound of MyGirlFund, don’t let its reputation turn you off. Try it! At worst you’ll get your feet wet and have a better idea of what to look for in a site. I know some ladies who still love it! I will say, I checked out this site when I broke my toe and didn’t feel like camming. I probably made around $30 over a few days, not really trying. You can probably make more than me, but I do feel that camming on a more traditional site like Chaturbate or Flirt4Free will make you more money.

      Hope this helps!


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