5 Simple Steps To a Cam Space You’ll Love

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Most self-employed individuals have some kind of space set up in their home, whether an office with a business phone and inventory, or just a desk with everything they might need within reach. This space is important for keeping organized and focused on a task.


It’s not much different for camgirls. Okay, as a webcam model you will need to make a few amendments to the standard “work from home” space. The purpose is the same – a well thought-out work space helps to produce good work, whatever that work might be.


In this case, here are some factors to consider:






You’ll need to pay attention to the light in the space you plan to work from. Turn on your webcam and just check out how the lighting is, and whether you are showing up in good quality HD. If not, try some different angles – use a lamp or two, or even a window to your advantage. Getting the light right will probably take some experimenting on your part. I’ll address this more specifically in a future post.


Cam Position


Your webcam should be at or just above eye level. Nobody looks good from odd angles, but the worst is when it’s too low and you’ve got customers looking up your nose. Not hot lol. If your cam is one that clips on to the top of your computer, this should be pretty easy to accomplish. Use a desk, use an upside down bucket, and make sure that wherever it ends up it’s sturdy and doesn’t move when you move.


Cam Position


Note that some customers might make special requests for a different cam position, which you can totally do in private paid chat if you want to. I know there’s one fetish out there that involves putting the camera on the floor looking up at you so that you’re a “giantess.” Step on him, he likes it lol. 😛




Regardless where you actually choose to cam from, make sure you have room to move around! Customers will probably get bored if you stay in one position all the time, and in exclusive shows you might be requested to stand up or even walk or dance around. Make sure you have the room to do anything that you would be comfortable doing on cam.




Clutter can be a huge turnoff for some customers. Any area that might show up in your background should be tidied up so that it never distracts from your performance. If you’re not into cleaning, just throw stuff into your closet or some space that you can be sure will never appear on your stream. You can always just put it back when you’re done working 😉 lol


Good work space for camgirl


[wp-svg-icons icon=”forward” wrap=”i”] If you’re working on a bed, smooth out the covers and fluff up the pillows before you start. A nice looking environment makes for a better overall show.


Organization System


At any point during your session online, there are a few things that you may be asked to get. Any time spent out of the view of your webcam is bad for business, so in order to minimize that, you’ll need to get organized. I personally have a couple of drawers right beside my bed, where I keep anything I might need while I’m working. If you have a couple of drawers, or maybe bins – anything you can designate for work items – you’ll be set.


Here’s what needs to be in them.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] A few different outfits
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Pumps
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Any outfit or costume pieces that match your model persona


[wp-svg-icons icon=”forward” wrap=”i”] If your closet is in view of the camera, you can totally keep your outfits and accessories there. Guests will love watching you get up to get something. If they know you’ll do it though, they may sometimes ask you to go get something just so they can take a better look at you. While not necessarily a bad thing, doing this too often could potentially be giving too much away if you’re still in free chat.


[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Toys
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Lube (very important!)
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Wet wipes or baby wipes
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Towel
[wp-svg-icons icon=”checkbox-unchecked” wrap=”i”] Hairbrush

fixing makeup on cam

[wp-svg-icons icon=”forward” wrap=”i”]It’s also a good idea to have some makeup nearby in case you need to touch it up during your show. If you decide to do it live on cam, try to avoid those funny faces we make lol. Some guys will love watching you fix your makeup 😉



So, it’s not your average “home office” setup lol, but if you decide you want to go into business as a webcam model, these tips should be a good starting point for setting yourself up for success.


I’ll zoom in a few of these points in the future and give you as much of an edge as I can. In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments feel free to drop ’em in the box below.


Talk to ya later.


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  1. hejewell2269 March 06, at 09:21

    Consider using professional backdrops in front of doors, windows, closets, dressers, etc.

    Over windows and doors they can diffuse bright light, as well as, control an environment that is unpredictable. In front of furnishings and closets, they can redefine your environment to something that converts the “window shoppers” to paying customers.

  2. Ceci5 January 16, at 08:04

    Absolutely true and helpful.Great work

    • Cat January 22, at 08:31

      You’re welcome. Thank you for reading. 🙂

  3. Supersanta January 18, at 19:27

    Cat, I’m curious about mirrors in creating the bedroom space. Do mirrored closet doors or perhaps head boards create problems for video?

    • Cat January 18, at 21:54

      I’ve never had problems with mirrors, and they are awesome for creating a space you and your guests will love. 😉

    • AngelCakes January 21, at 09:45

      Just remember to consider what the mirror is reflecting incase things show up on cam that you didn’t want to. Recently trying to take some new pics with a BONG showing up in the mirror reflection of my dresser. And I honestly read a cam article claiming someone had issues with a client gaining personal info because of the images reflected in her mirror, things she never thought about like it was a big college picture frame football emblem thing in the hall outside her cam space that the client recognized. Just a reminder

      • Cat January 21, at 11:45

        Very good points! Definitely be aware of everything that your guests can see. Thanks AngelCakes!

  4. Kit January 09, at 15:45

    Hey cat! I was curious if there was anyway to webcam through your phone?

    • Cat January 15, at 19:32

      Hi Kit! Nothing stopping you from trying on your phone, but if you want to make money camming you’ll need to invest in a computer and external webcam.

  5. Ed March 13, at 08:15

    Hi Cat,
    I liked your post “Love Your Work Space: A Quick Guide for Camgirls”. I’m sure that anyone wishing to try the camgirl business will benefit grrreatly from this article. Cheers.

    • Cat March 13, at 09:58

      Hey Ed, Thanks for taking the time to read this post and comment. All the best. ^^

  6. wayne March 12, at 17:28

    Hey, great site! God knows how I ended up here though 🙂
    Im sure this site will be a valuable resource for girls thinking of going into this line of work – well done!

    P.S – A suprising lack of pictures tho 😉

    • Cat March 12, at 17:43

      Hey Wayne, did you mis-click? 😉 Thanks for dropping in anyway, and I appreciate your comments.

      PS What kind of pictures did you have in mind? No wait, I have to keep this Google friendly 😛 Have a good one.

  7. Emily March 12, at 15:23

    hi Cat
    as usual another entertaining post! I do have a home office but a “normal one” I guess I could say. You make good points here that you home office will be constantly in plain view. Although there are plenty of fetishes out there, looking at a place that looks like a dump is probably not one of them! Well you never know 😉

    • Cat March 12, at 15:59

      Hello to you Emily! Haha, good point. After all this time working on cam I still encounter fetishes that are new and strange to me, but I am also inclined to think that a “messy space fetish” isn’t likely. That would be a very, very, very small niche LOL! Thanks for dropping in again, always nice to read your comments 🙂

  8. Peter Robert Williams March 12, at 14:58

    Hello. This is great advice. It doesn’t matter what you happen to be doing, the space in which you do it needs to be organised and everything you need should be to hand, that way the job gets done more easily and efficiently!

    • Cat March 12, at 15:31

      Hi Peter, thank you for commenting. I agree, the premise of this post applies to a lot of different situations and is all pretty basic common sense. You’d be surprised how many girls forget something and end up off screen! The problem happens when we forget that it’s business and things need to be efficient, especially the setup. Best, Cat

  9. andrew March 12, at 14:56

    Super interesting site.

    I guess I never really knew what went into being a camgirl. I brought it up to my wife once but she wasn’t too thrilled.

    I noticed that a lot of these tips just make for great photo sense. You wouldn’t want a photo of yourself in a messy room or bad lighting. Goes the same while on video.

    • Cat March 12, at 15:24

      Hey Andrew,

      You’re absolutely right, I can see how most of these tips would definitely apply to taking photos as well. Actually, that can be part of the job – so having a good space already set up both for broadcasting live and taking some promotional pics = win-win!

      The job isn’t for everyone. I wonder what aspect of the idea she was most “not thrilled” about?

      Thanks for your comments and checking out the site. All the best!



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