Introducing Selena Secret, Stay-at-Home-Mom & Webcam Model

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Selena Secret, 31, Wales
Streamate Model


selena secret webcam model interview


Selena Secret Meets Webcam Modeling


I started working as a cam girl in January of this year (2016). I was looking for something to make extra money but still be able to be a stay at home mum.


Camming is my main source of income. Although I am not reliant on it as my husband works full time.



Before becoming a cam girl I was a very shy and insecure woman. I went for years believing that I was unattractive and undesirable. That was before I met my husband anyway. Then he helped me to start loving myself. I started posting unidentifiable pics on a website to see what the reaction would be. It was always positive. And with progression I am now doing proper webcam shows.


Selena’s First Day on Cam


My very first day as a web cam girl was very nerve racking. When I first started I would always wear a mask to hide my identity. This disappeared after a few weeks. I was lucky enough to have a patient guy for my first show. This helped me get into a rhythm and put my nerves at rest. He has since become a regular.


No matter who you are as a cam girl you will always get a wide variety of customers. Anything from the simple and sweet to the wild and crazy. This is what keeps things interesting.



Selena’s Pros & Cons of Webcam Modeling


Pros – Being your own boss, variety of customers, fans, setting your own hours

Cons – Freeloaders, trolls, high maintenance


Who is Selena on Cam?


As a niche goes, I am portrayed as sweet and innocent. But with a dirty bad girl side underneath. lol. I know that contradicts but it seems to work.


Selena’s Family Life and Camming


As I am my own boss I am able to work around my family’s schedule. Work, bedtimes etc. It means I don’t miss out on anything important and I can still be there for my kids.


How Becoming a Webcam Model Has Changed Selena


Since becoming a cam girl I am a lot more confident within myself. I hold myself better and take better care and attention with my daily appearance than I used to. I am also more tired than I’m used to. But it’s worth it if I get to stay a housewife and mum.



Selena Secret’s Words of Wisdom for New Models


If you are considering becoming a web cam girl, the most important thing is to do your research. The more information you have the better. I know a lot of girls go to work in studios. But unless you are willing to do ANYTHING you are told to do and get little in return then don’t do it. Get your own set up and work from home. Watch other girls on the sites and see how they are talking and behaving. This helps to get an idea of how to sell yourself. Because that is what you are doing. You are selling a product. And the product is YOU!


Thank you Selena!
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