Introducing Lexy Amor, New Webcam Model

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new webcam model interviewlSexyS2 (Lexy), 29, UK

Where she cams: Streamate, Chaturbate, BongaCams, MyFreeCams


The Adult Industry Welcomes Lexy Amor


I’m a newbie. I started getting my feet wet in the adult industry in April 2016.


Too Soon To Ask About Income?


I have only been on cam a few times. The last four times I was online, I made roughly £9, £111, £120 and £10 – that’s for over 5 hours each day, so it isn’t consistent enough to live on yet. I’m currently working part time only but might move jobs for something more consistent.


How Lexy Came To Webcam Modeling



I’ve always been a calm person, laid back, chilled out and worked hard to survive. Given recent financial issues I had to look into other ways of earning, thus ended up on the adult scene. I’d never met such nice people as the other adult workers who helped me enter the industry.


Lexy Amor’s First Day on Cam


I was very nervous and didn’t know what I was doing. Felt really stupid, still learning the ropes. The first day was scary. I worried I might not be able to offer what the clients want with so many other beautiful girls online.


Lexy is Already Creating Fun Memories on Cam


I was trying to pose for the camera, stumbled and rolled/fell to my side, but continued hoping they’d either not notice or not mind. If I’m honest I don’t think they were bothered- they were too focused on enjoying the show. I felt like one of those silly clumsy teen movies.


new webcam model interviewLexy’s Pros and Cons of Webcam Modeling


Pros – There aren’t many jobs where you can get paid to give others enjoyment from the comfort of your home.

Cons – The endless waiting for a client to pay for you. When the pay is low at the end of the day, you feel drained and unfulfilled.



Trying to Find Her Niche in the Camming World


I keep wondering to myself what makes me stand out. The only thing I can think of is I’m very polite and sweet – at least that’s what I’m often told. Guess I’m still figuring out my strengths.


Webcam Modeling is Lexy’s Private Fantasy World


I don’t tell anyone, don’t have the need to. This is part of my fantasy world. Once I’m off the camera, it’s a whole different world.



Lexy Amor is Optimistic About Her Future on Cam


It adds the worry of someone recognising me and calling me out. A lot of people wouldn’t want me coming to their workplace and pointing them out as the cam site user but might not think twice about doing the same to me. So it does add a bit of uncertainty. But hopefully in time the good of improving my finances and bringing me out of debt will outweigh the negative side and improve my quality of life. I won’t worry about debt collectors and all that. This in turn will make me a happier person, and happiness is also linked to good health…


Lexy’s Words of Wisdom for Other New Cam Models

RESEARCH, RESEARCH and more RESEARCH. You don’t want to go in blind and give out your information to just any company or person, cause at the end of the day you don’t know who it’s going to. Community forums like Stripperweb were my light at the end of the tunnel!


new webcam model interviewPlus, stick to your limits. Don’t be pressured or forced by others – if they aren’t happy there will be someone else that likes what you do. Be upfront and honest on your limits beforehand, don’t lead them on or promise or say maybe. It is a “what you see is what you get” sort of thing. Stick to your guns – we are allowed to have limits also!



Thank you Lexy!
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