Introducing Blonde Violin, Webcam Model

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Blonde Violin, 24, Romania


Main sites I work on:  LiveJasmin, Freewebcams


Blonde Violin Webcam Model Interview


Blonde Violin Meets the Adult Industry


I started working as a cam girl in 2015 when I decided that I wanted more. This seemed the best opportunity so I challenged myself to do it.


How Blonde Violin Pays Her Bills


Camming is my main source of income (there is no need to do something else).


Blonde’s Personality On Cam and Off


Blonde Violin Webcam Model InterviewI am a nonconformist woman both on cam and in my private life. I speak my mind all the time and I’m honest. Also, I like to fool around and tease. I’m a huge fan of tattoos and I love to talk about mine.


Remembering Her First Days on Cam


I was a little scared but I thought web camming was interesting to work in. Now it’s like a drug to me, I want more and more.


A Memorable Session Worth Sharing


There are so many funny/sad stories in our job. It’s hard to remember them because they are coming and coming every day. But, I will share the first one, my first night on LJ when a guy kept me in private all night long to “help me get used to camming”. And no, I did not get undressed. Lucky me! Hahaha



Blonde Violin’s Pros and Cons of Webcam Modeling


Blonde Violin Webcam Model InterviewSometimes might be tough. But, this job is among the only ones where we can be how we want and who we want; the only one where you don’t have a boss messing with you or complaining about how you’re acting in front of the cam. What I love about webcam modeling is that you meet so many people you create connections with. Every day you learn something new because every day there is a new member with a different personality or fetish or interesting life story.



Blonde’s Secrets to Success


To be successful you have to be yourself! That’s the key. As I said, I’m a positive nonconformist and I’m just having fun on cam. Currently, I’m a nominee at Aw Awards as Best Entertainer.


How Being a Webcam Model Changed Blonde


Being a webcam model didn’t change me much. We all own ourselves, so are free to improve ourselves or not. In this job the most considerable thing is we can become open minded and not judgmental of others.


Blonde Violin’s Words of Wisdom for New Cam Models


Blonde Violin Webcam Model InterviewSo, if you want to become a model go ahead and do it. All you have to do is spend a lot of time online, be yourself and success will come. Everybody is someone’s type.



Thank you, Blonde!

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