InternetModeling Review: How To Blow 43% of Your Streamate Earnings

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InternetModeling Might Be Right for You… If You Want to Blow 43% of Every Check




Some studios offer significant value in terms of personal coaching and promotion without cutting your paycheck.


And some studios are shameless opportunists looking to piggyback on your hard earned dollars.


“InternetModeling gives NO marketing or traffic benefit to the model, and their “training” is a simple wiki page that actually tells you the opposite of what you should be doing.”

I’ve come across way too many referral links for this site in the comments on other blogs. They always claim you’ll make more there than anywhere else. Everyone makes that claim. In reality, you’ll make the most on the site that’s right for you. You’ll have an easier time of that if you don’t sign up through a studio that pockets a HUGE chunk of your check.


There are some studios with Streamate that only take a small percentage as a referral incentive, and then you never hear from them again. Then there is InternetModeling – they advertise the highest payout in the industry, then pay out only 20% out of the 35% commission on Streamate as long as you model through them.


And here’s the worst part. When their models realize that they’re being fleeced, they can’t simply quit and sign up directly with Streamate to get that full 35% commission. InternetModeling’s contract includes a non-compete clause that prevents their models from working with Streamate or any of its affiliates for a full year after they close the account.


InternetModeling Doesn’t Live Up to Promises Made to Models




“Garbage! Used them for 3 months or so and just told them to delete my account. Way too unprofessional. Also once you sign in look into the cam and wave to your family! Because they will surely see you on this site.”

InternetModeling owns, which feels like an amateur site in the worst sense of the word. Freeloaders are rampant and a model who knows what she’s doing might make some tokens, but the site targets newcomers because the platform is shite and any experienced model will take one look at it and run. New models are going to be hard pressed to make any tokens on this platform. They also own, and


The positive reviews you find online for this site are written by or otherwise rewarded by InternetModeling themselves. Models are offered extra promotion in exchange for positive reviews, and you can be confident that nobody holds up a fan sign for nothing in return.




I’ve heard many accounts of rudeness and disrespect from InternetModeling support.


“InternetModeling gives NO marketing or traffic benefit to the model, and their “training” is a simple wiki page that actually tells you the opposite of what you should be doing.”

The support provided for models is the main selling point of signing up with InternetModeling. As a result, it would be expected that the most glowing recommendations would report stellar support services. It’s actually the opposite. Models speak of the difficulty solving problems related to tech support and customer service.


Navigating a new industry can be challenging. Newcomers will naturally seek advice on pricing and how to structure their shows. But InternetModeling inflates those fears by advertising their helpful knowledge and then failing to provide the kind of value its models pay for.


Positive Reviews Based on Affiliate Marketing Rather Than Value for Newcomers to Camming


InternetModeling is set up so that its users benefit from posting glowing reviews, regardless of their level of engagement with the company. The logic of affiliate marketing is that members gain money by encouraging more people to join. This tactic is less generously referred to as multi-level marketing or pyramid schemes.


An InternetModeling marketer’s income isn’t necessarily contingent upon how much value they think the service brings to models. This is what makes it fundamentally different from referral marketing. Referral marketing is built on trust, and a personal guarantee of the usefulness of a product or service. Affiliate marketing is driven by money and it often tries to paint itself as referral marketing.


As a result, many of the InternetModeling reviews speak to how much money members can make depending on how much work they put in (i.e. promotion of the company, posting links). If you only look for reviews that speak to the experience of being a new model, the positive reviews are dramatically cut down.


In addition, agents post many of the glowing reviews about the amount of money you make. Agents are the individuals who make money from referrals. To be fair, models can also become agents, but this is why the few positive reviews you come across from models normally have a referral link or some kind of reference to the agent program. Making money off of referrals in and of itself is not a bad thing. It’s about the integrity of the referral.


Some agents’ reviews speak of their personally positive experience working for InternetModeling, but then go on to point out the shortcomings of the support system for models.


Just Because It Isn’t A Scam, Doesn’t Mean It’s Worth It


“Their name had to be BANNED from [Stripperweb] as an auto-filter because the scum bags spammed us here so much to scam other girls. Unfortunately, if you’re with them it is a rip off. They’re giving you 70%…of 35%. If that.”

The difficulty is that when new models are seeking information on a studio, they target their research towards answering the question, “Is this a scam or not?” While a person’s definition of a scam may be flexible, technically speaking InternetModeling isn’t a scam. Much of the undesirable aspects are laid out in their user agreement. For instance, a model’s restriction from working with its affiliates for one year if they choose to leave InternetModeling is outlined in section 5.4 of the Webcam Model Agreement.


But just because InternetModeling is not a scam, doesn’t mean it’s a desirable spot for new models. A lot of models have confused individual marketing by models and agents for unbiased recommendations.


A better way to put it is that InternetModeling is more of a scheme, meant to make money through promotion. If you’re someone who is simply looking to make money through promotion and clicks, perhaps you will identify with the positive reviews posted about InternetModeling. But if you are a webcam model looking to launch your career and hoping to receive fair pay for what you’ve earned, then you will have a frustrating experience dealing with the site’s customer service, interface, and lack of support.




Briefly, InternetModeling is a Streamate studio. If you are working with them you are being ripped off. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you! If you need help to get started camming, don’t turn to a studio. They’ll promise you the moon because they want a cut of your check. Instead, use one of many resources available to you online such as WeCamgirls, Stripperweb, or OCamgirl.


Check out our cam site reviews for some better options. 

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Briefly, InternetModeling is a Streamate studio. If you are working with them you are being ripped off. Don't let anyone take advantage of you! If you need help to get started camming, don’t turn to a studio. They’ll promise you the moon because they want a cut of your check. Instead, use one of many resources available to you online such as WeCamgirls, Stripperweb, or OCamgirl.


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  1. danielm December 14, at 05:08

    Hi 🙂 First, thank you for all this useful information.

    My concern is that some days ago I signed up on InternetModelling as an agent. I don’t have any prior experience in the camming industry and I just read about IM in a blog called “OnlineAdrian”, who explains how much money did he earn as an agent in IM. I learned about their referral program (10% from each camgirl total earnings) and finally I got motivated enough to sign up with IM and try.

    From their website they looked professional and honest, so I started to work hard on promoting them (even investing my money). But… today I came across your blog post. Then I read some more (bad) reviews here and there and now I don’t feel good.

    I just stopped the ads I was running, since in the end, if the models are unhappy working with them, that will affect me too.

    So I wanted to ask you if by chance you know about it: do you know some alternate (and honest) webcam agency that offer revshare options for referring models?

    Thank you again, and I keep following your blog 🙂

    • Cat January 16, at 11:14

      Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for getting in touch. There are plenty of GOOD sites that do offer revshare opportunities for referring models. Most notable would be Chaturbate. Thank you for caring about the quality of site you’re referring models to. I respect you for that.

  2. Kirsty August 24, at 12:09

    Hey, I’m actually a hiring manager at a physical studio and I wanted to offer some insight! Usually, virtual studios aren’t worth the pay cut. They offer limited, non-personalized training and often take too large of a percentage. As soon as you create an account with a Streamate studio (virtual or physical) you are automatically under a 6 month non-compete, regardless of if you actually spent any time. The moment its created and approved, your 6 month timer starts. If you HAVE cammed, the 6 month starts starts after the last day you logged in. Sometimes you can appeal to Streamate Support if you logged in but didn’t stream or make any earnings. The only reason you might consider a virtual studio is to actually GET your paycheck. Streamate offers to mail their checks or wire them to you. A lot of girls complain about their checks being lost in the mail and never arriving, and monthly wire fees can add up to $220, which is a LOT for many independent models. Boleyn Girls actually offers a relatively small percentage in exchange for daily pay and direct deposits. So if you’re a high earner, going independent can make more sense as $220 can add up to less than the percentage that BM would take, but if you earn $500-2000 a month, it may be less expensive to have them take a percentage.

    Also, physical studios (like the one I manage) do have added benefits that can be worth a 30/70 rev share (on the 35%). For instance, I offer one-on-one coaching to help my models find the roles that work for them, as well as how to handle requests. Our internet, hardware and software place our models on page one every time, so your traffic is exponentially higher. We even take care of any technical issues that poop up so that you’re never off cam longer than 5 minutes for any technical issue. The added benefit of a structured environment also helps models get on cam and stay on cam longer than they might at their own homes. Not all physical studios are a great option, though and you need to be cautious. NEVER hand your ID to anyone unless you are SURE you want to work with them. Many studios offer small, unattractive rooms, have rampant sexual harassment issues with management, and can often times have you working in a catty and stressful environment. I am thankful to offer a physical studio that has spacious, themed rooms, a clean environment, and happy, friendly models. I tried independent camming and found I needed the structure of a physical studio and totally lucked out. With that information, you should find what best suits your needs.

  3. punky May 15, at 22:37

    ive been working with streamate and it is very good once your are determine, they pay me and give me update of my payment. they pay out 30-35%. i started IM and I feel comfortable i cash ot my tokens waiting to see if im gonna get my full pay. one question, is im is to trust, thank u.

    • Cat May 17, at 07:14

      Streamate pays 35%. If you work on Streamate through Internetmodeling you’ll get 20% instead.
      If you’re using IM’s token site, yes they’ll probably pay you. They’re a legit company, just greedy.

  4. Aria B March 13, at 07:25

    Hi! I was LITERALLY about to hit “submit application” on IM and my gut told me to do a little more research on it and here I am! I am so grateful for this post because I have seen so many reviews where the person who posted it said something negative about IM and many people under had only positive things to say…it seemed a little off to me. Thank you for your honesty and knowledge. My boyfriend and I were looking to start camming to supplement our income. What site would you recommend for couples who are just beginning?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Cat March 13, at 08:05

      Hey Aria,
      SO glad you decided to do your research!
      One really popular site for beginner couples (as well as solo performers) is Chaturbate. You can read our full review of the site over here.
      Welcome to O Camgirl 🙂

  5. GanjaLover February 26, at 16:49

    I have to respectfully disagree. I do work for them and I haven’t had any issues at all! I even signed a couple of models up. There hasn’t been any sign of foul play or cheats. So idk. As of the commenters mentioned before, you’re gonna have pros and cons with any platform you’re on. And I’ve spoken to other models who work for internet modeling and they’re satisfied with working for them. But thanks for letting us know. As of now, I really don’t have any complaints working for them.

    • Cat February 27, at 16:08

      Hey Ganja, have you worked on Streamate independently before? Your check should be almost double what you’re seeing. Guess where the rest is going. Never said anything about “foul play” or “cheating” – I’m sure they’re totally professional about it, but the fact remains that they are greedy pigs. Of course you’ve referred models to them – with their referral program, who wouldn’t? Well, besides me and anyone else with a conscience, I guess. If you’re happy with them, my best guess is you don’t have much experience in this industry. I would urge you to take a closer look at your earnings. I think you’ll agree.

  6. Shibu January 21, at 23:20

    I just signed up with , i didnt realize it wasnt the actual streaming site and sent them my ss number, im absolutely terrified because i just turned 18 and idk if i just got myself into something really dangerous . Should i just ignore them? Are they going to use my ss number for something?

    • Cat January 22, at 08:15

      Shibu, they aren’t dangerous, just greedy. As long as you haven’t used that account yet you can just ignore them, and sign up directly with streamate. That way you’ll get the full 35% commission instead of 20% IM would give you.

  7. Taylor October 26, at 07:18

    I started camming with Internet Models…what should I do? I also have an account with flirt for free, should I just cam there?

    • Cat October 26, at 14:15

      Flirt4Free is a solid site to start on. Then if you want to cam on Streamate after your IM contract expires (don’t use the account for 1 year) you’ll have that option later.

  8. DanDruff October 08, at 10:32

    What’s the best way for a man to get into the business? What kind of market is there for a man vs. a woman?

  9. Katy Boleyn September 06, at 17:55

    Your title is incorrect. Its not “15% of every check”…its actually 43% of every check (call it 45% after they also charge for some of their payout methods).

    This is massive…half your earnings to a company that does not or stops answering emails and won’t let you go. Their base pay is 20% out of 35% on Streamate and it barely moves up from there.

    For the life of me I can’t figure out the “slash and burn” approach to cammodel recruiting. We are living proof that you can make a decent income, pay your overhead, and provide great service for a fraction of the cost to the models…without needing to lock them into horrid “non-compete” contracts. We were hoping to be an example to the industry and change things this way, but we’ve barely made a dent.

    About every day we get someone coming to us from IM that was the victim of one of their psychopathic affiliates…and unfortunately we can’t do much about it in most cases (some rare edge cases we can). The best we can do is get them started on a combination of other sites to make up that income while they sit for a year in the Streamate holding cell.

    • Cat September 06, at 21:33

      Hey Katy,

      Thank you for correcting my math! You are absolutely right, and I’ve edited the title accordingly. Ugh, this company disgusts me.

      I fully support what you guys are doing over at Boleyn Models and it saddens me to hear that you’ve barely made a dent. I know you are making a difference for a lot of ladies, and I hope your reach continues to grow. If I can help in any way, please get in touch. We seem to share a lot of the same ideals, and are simply approaching them from different angles.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts here.


  10. AngelCakes May 29, at 17:45

    I signed up for both internet modeling as well as streamate individually, both accounts have been approved already but i havent used either. So i should just use streamate & not login through internet modeling? Because there is a streamate link they sign you up through internet modeling so im quite confused.

    • Cat May 29, at 18:06

      Hi AngelCakes, I’m so glad you reached out about this. Don’t touch the internetmodeling account. If you haven’t used it, you aren’t hooked into their contract yet. Just go ahead with Streamate directly and ask internetmodeling to close your account with them. I hope this helps!

  11. SweetJupiter March 02, at 20:27

    Hi Cat,

    Thanks for all the info 🙂
    I’m starting up as a webcam model and have unfortunately just signed with Internet Modelling. I haven’t however logged into my account and started yet, do you know if the streamate time limit still applies? I’m also interested in keeping my panties on and doing striptease and fetishes. Can you please recommend some good sites for this?

    • Cat March 14, at 13:55

      Hi! Honestly I don’t know the answer to your question about the contract wait period and whether it applies if you haven’t even logged in and broadcast yet – my suspicion is no, you should be able to ask them to close your account and then sign up directly with Streamate if you want. But again I’m not 100% on this, since I actually signed up with a completely different site after I first signed up with them, then signed up for Streamate like a year later anyway.

      As for the other part of your question, you can do striptease/ fetish type shows on any site really. These are very popular types of shows, so you should do fine on sites like Streamate, Chaturbate or F4F.

      I hope this helps!

  12. Funbabe January 22, at 05:51

    I don’t totally agree with this review. Their agent support is quite helpful. Perhaps some of them doesn’t like working with them, but their application approval process was pretty fast. The only issue I want to complain is their cammedia portal. Those guys only want free cam shows from models and wouldn’t want to spend a single token on models private chat. Then, they are affiliated with Streammate and takes a huge cut but they do promote their models.

    I do think that actually no matter which platforms models chose to work with. There are pros and cons. No platform is perfect especially nowadays a lot of horny guys all want to watch free porn cams.

    • Cat January 22, at 19:37

      Thanks for commenting! I do agree that every site has its freeloaders, but I’ve definitely heard that this one is worse than others and I don’t recommend based on the huge chunk they take out of Streamate checks. A little promotion doesn’t justify that. Thanks again for sharing your perspective.

  13. NanayaTheSiren December 11, at 05:23

    Well I am so, VERY happy for my compulsive researching habits…. I have been considering becoming a Camgirl for almost a year and while I have the personality and drive for it, it just didnt feel right at the time – like I wasnt comfortable with myself yet, but I decided a few days ago that now im good, I am so ready for this and I am going forward. Anyway, I’ve been checking out some sites and all that and Internet Modelling actually LOOKS reputable – problem is I’m not an idiot and looks of a site are easy to fake the rot underneath, so I did what I always do – I found people who actually had worked for them – spoke to actual girls and guys about them and they recommended your site and another which is a community site for camgirls/guys to trade info and support called Which has also been really helpful.

    I have bookmarked your page and thanks for all the amazing info – Really appreciate the time you’ve take to write it out, I mean, your time LITERALLY is money 😉

    • Cat December 11, at 15:42

      So glad you did your research! Definitely, talking to other models can be invaluable in this industry. I also use Wecamgirls for that purpose. Good luck on your new camming endeavour! If you ever need anything you know where I am 🙂

    • Zephyra December 29, at 00:27

      I just started looking into this field of work (I hate working right now, with no degree people treat you like a doormat) and the number one most reputable and supposedly legitimate site to model for was Internet Modeling. I’m so glad I haven’t finished applying, because I don’t want to get locked into something that sucks while at the same time prevents me from working elsewhere online. So, can you tell me more about what the differences are between these sites you’ve recommended? I’m not sure what I’m looking to do, I’ve never done this before. I’m not even sure what other cam girls do as I’ve never seen any live videos.

      • Cat December 29, at 03:15

        First off, welcome. I’m so glad you found O Camgirl on your quest for information. IM has certainly marketed themselves well, but that is all. Of the main sites I recommend for beginners, Chaturbate is a public platform with loads of traffic where you earn via tips and perform for a group (at around 50% commission), and Flirt4Free is a private-oriented platform where you earn via private per-minute shows, usually one-on-one (at around 27% commission). Streamate is another popular private-oriented option but I recommend going in with a pre-existing fan base in order to maximize your revenue potential.

        Sites where the focus is on private one-on-one sessions generally pay a lower commission, but depending on your goals and personality they can be just as lucrative as a higher commission public site. The reason for this is that guests who frequent those private sites are often willing to pay more for the individual attention. On the other hand, you have the potential to entertain a crowd on a public site, where many smaller tips can seriously add up. It really just depends on your style.

        Start watching some of the top cam girls to see what kinds of things they do on these different sites. Be a fly on the wall and remember they are working. It should give you a better idea of what might be a good fit for you.

  14. EffyRose October 14, at 16:41

    I love this post and that you’re trying to help new camgirls. I started camming in November 2014. I signed up as an independent model through Streamate. I was still a baby camgirl then. I was looking through Craigslist one day, and found a post about a studio that paid 70%. I contacted them by email and signed up through after I asked a lot of questions, that 70% was better, then 30%. They assured me that everything was great. I worked for a week only to realize- they meant 70% of the 30%. I was making scraps and giving my money to this site for literally nothing. They did not advertise for me, they didn’t bring me more traffic. They just took my hard earn money. I also had to send in a strict schedule and stick to it or I would not get daily pay. The daily pay they sent out was through Google Wallet, which is actually against their TOS, and if they were to find out, I would have lost all my money. I was stuck in the cycle of working for this studio for about 6 months, because I was pregnant and needed daily pay. I finally said enough is enough. I got off the studio, and went back to working Streamate with Boleyn studios (The only great daily pay studio!).

    The studio I signed up with wasn’t InternetModeling, but all studios are the same. They take from girls, and give them nothing in return.

    • Cat October 15, at 15:41

      I’m sorry to hear that you got lured in by those thieves. Yeah, studios that offer any value in return for what they take are very rare. Thanks for sharing your story!

  15. Tina Chadford October 14, at 16:03

    Streamate itself is awesome but anything we can do to direct hosts away from signing up with this or other studios who take a huge part of their pay and give back nothing is well worth our time.

    Sign up directly and independently ladies and gents and keep ALL your paycheck!

    • Cat October 14, at 16:38

      Agreed! Always sign up directly with Streamate (or any reputable cam site). InternetModeling is one studio that will definitely not give any value for that huge chunk of models’ checks they help themselves to. Thank you for taking the time to comment, Tina.

      • J January 11, at 19:22

        Not to sound ignorant but I am also on the hunt for information in starting my camgirl journey…all this talk about studios has me wondering…do you have to perform for professional studios and be recorded by them or can it strictly be just you and your cam? Is the goal to eventually move towards being filmed in studio settings or by professionals?

        • Cat January 15, at 19:47

          Webcam modeling is just you and your webcam. The use of the term studios in this context refers to companies that represent a larger site. They’re most often virtual and just exist to dip into the model’s pockets when she works. It has nothing to do with film or photography studios. Hope that helps!

  16. Luna October 13, at 11:51

    Another necessary post, Cat.
    They are an extremely dishonest corporation and their main intention is to profit from your work doing almost nothing in return. They even write reviews making you think IM and Streamate are completely different things. Disgusting.
    Hope incipient cam girls read this post before the lies they spread over the internet.

    P.S. Future cam girls: read stripperweb and wecamgirls forums! It was through this kind of support I discovered that IM is actually a Streamate studio that takes a big cut of the 35% that you earn.

    • Cat October 13, at 18:14

      Thank you so much for your supportive comment, Luna! You are right that InternetModeling is a dishonest company, and the worst part is how they prey on new girls before they’ve even had a chance to see how much better it can be. I do want to make sure it’s clear that this studio’s behaviour should not reflect all that badly on Streamate. I personally cam directly with Streamate and it’s a good site.

      Totally agree that the forums you mentioned are an awesome resource. I hang out on those ones myself sometimes. 😉


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