How to Start Camming on a Limited Budget

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I’ve been researching a ton about cam modeling but my biggest concern is that at the moment I don’t have a whole lot of money to invest in this new line of work. I hear from other models about having a collection of toys, lingerie, or costumes to change into during their show. I don’t have these things. It worries me because I definitely want to start out on the right foot. Not only because it will make this gig easier to stick to, but because there is a good chance my performances could hang around forever.




Hey Kami,


Thanks for your question. Your concern is echoed in the minds of countless potential camgirls, so I’m glad you asked.


One of the major lessons I learned from my camming career is one I’ll repeat endlessly; start the show. My first weeks on cam I hesitated to the point of losing the “new girl” status. I used to make excuses not to start a show because I wanted everything to be perfect. In reality, the career of a camgirl is always growing and changing. For this reason, there’s only room for improvement in everything you do.


[tweetthis]1 lesson I learned from my camming career is one I’ll repeat endlessly; start the show.[/tweetthis]


What you can do today is start broadcasting your personality.


Don’t worry. You don’t need fancy lingerie or a massive toy collection to start off on the right foot. You only need your personality and two crucial camgirl tools.


The most important investments to make are in hardware.


The bare minimums any camgirl needs are a good internet connection and a basic computer with webcam.


When I first started I had only those two things, some eyeliner and cheap lipstick. It might have taken a little longer to convince guys to tip me despite not having an HD camera. But this is when your personality will be the most important. Users will ask what types of toys or costumes you have available. Use this opportunity to tell your story and that you hope to upgrade in X amount of time. You can ask followers for tips or gifts. Over time, you can save up and start accumulating things like toys and lingerie.


My first broadcasts were all using a low-quality built-in laptop webcam. My first HD webcam upgrade was to a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema 720p for a mere $45 on Amazon. Three years later, it’s still one of the highest rated affordable webcams on Amazon. This was actually two investments in one, since I found out you can use it to record HD videos using the built-in software. These videos still had a “webcam feel” to them despite being in HD. But for the budget-conscious it’s a great start.


Your second investment should be in a good internet connection.


Availability will depend on your location. Shop around and find the competitive price for the strong connection you need. Don’t forget to budget this ongoing expense to your camgirl budget.


Once you have these two things covered, shop around for at least one toy.


Whatever you do, don’t try to cut corners by getting the cheapest toys. Many cheap toys are made with hazardous plastics that can make you very sick. Get a higher-rated toy from a reputable site. You’ll find that most clients don’t care what type of toy you use as long as you love using it. My first toy was gifted by a fan. It was a jackrabbit type which turns out are popular. Glass toys are a great investment since they don’t have mechanisms to malfunction and are easy to clean.


After you start your toy collection, start on the costumes and lingerie.


You might even get some items as gifts before you invest any money in these. My first costumes and nearly all of my lingerie were donated by fans. I started wishlists on a few major sites and would add any items that fans would suggest. A good way to increase your collection is by trading items off your wishlist for shows or pre-made content. Never ever perform a show or send content before receiving those items in person. You’ll have a great collection before you know it.


Your beginning shows will seem minimalist or even awkward after you start using toys or costumes. Once you get comfortable on cam you’ll be able to think on your feet for dirty talk and scenarios. Sometimes I watch videos from my first cam year just to see how far I’ve come. Watch your own videos for ways to improve. Trust me, you’ll look back on your first weeks of camming in a good way. Good luck!


[tweetthis]What you can do today is start broadcasting your personality.[/tweetthis]

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Roxanna Crinis is a professional web model with over five years in the industry. She holds a bachelor's degree and is pretty good at Minecraft.

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  1. Lola May 19, at 07:00

    This site has been a lifesaver to find!
    I’m currently looking into entering the business, but I’m worried about my relationship. We’ve discussed and both been intrigued by the idea of doing shows solely together, but I’m also leaning toward doing shows by myself as there is more of a market. I fear both could negatively affect my relationship, as our intimacy is very deep-set and private. How can I keep our cam shows intimate while also paying mind to the customer, if possible? Thanks.

  2. Raven February 09, at 15:13

    This is helpful! I’m wanting to start as well! But I have no toys or lingerie. I also have no idea how to start and not sit there bored and awkward in silence or not to talk non-stop because i’m nervous. I can’t seem what the best thing to do would be to get me comfortable in front of the cam. Anyone have any tips on this? I wanna start as soon as possible, my pics aren’t selling well quite yet and camming will help me get more customers!

    • Cat February 11, at 21:51

      Hey Raven! Definitely nothing stopping you getting started. As for tips for getting comfortable in front of the cam- best advise I can give you is to dive in and do it. The more time you spend in front of your cam (broadcasting or not), the more you’ll get used to it and engaging with your viewers will become natural. You got this!

  3. Aura November 26, at 16:28

    Thank you for sharing so much great information on this site! I’m currently weighing the pros and cons and considering entering this business myself.

    My only worry is whether my internet connection will suffice. I get free Wi-Fi from my landlord, and it’s a decent fiber line. But something they use periodically seems to interfere with my Wi-Fi receiver, and for a while my connection will be coming and going, get pretty slow or just flatline.

    I can work around it as I know what times my connection is likely to work, but it means I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to stream seamlessly at all times. Is this a “dealbreaker”? Can I still perform if I’m a bit laggy sometimes? Do you think my followers would abandon me?

    Thank you in advance <3

    • Cat November 26, at 23:27

      Great question, Aura! A reliable high speed internet connection is extremely important to your success as a webcam model. If at all possible, I would recommend looking into getting your own line. That said, your situation doesn’t sound like a deal breaker – but it may make things a little harder for you. You said you know what times the connection will likely work, and that’s a great start. As long as you are streaming consistently most of the time, a little lag shouldn’t scare too many people off. Once you’ve built up your fan base, they’ll understand and more than likely just try you again later if anything goes amiss. Thanks for reading O Camgirl! 🙂 Best, Cat


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