How to Develop Your Loyal Fan Base: 5 Tips

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When you sign up as a broadcaster on a new cam site, you’ll be in the New Models category for a limited time. Lots of customers love checking out new models – you’re not a hardened old camgirl like me yet, ha. 😛

Tip #1

New Model Status: Take Advantage of Extra Promotion


The promotion period varies from site to site, so pay attention when you’re setting up your account.


  • Streamate – 30 days
  • Chaturbate – 7 days


These examples are current while I’m writing this, but you should always cross-reference in case they become outdated.


The key to your success as a webcam model is your fan base. These are the top 5 tips to help you develop your solid foundation of loyal customers. Follow these from the start, and you’ll be setting yourself up for long term success.

create loyal fan base camgirl

Tip #2

Treat Camming Like the Job it is: Consistency is Key


Repeat customers become repeat customers because they know when you’re open for business.


Imagine you’re the customer for a sec. You’re hooked on this awesome camgirl and she tells you she’s going to be online at a certain time, so you go to meet her in her chat room. But she doesn’t show up. Think you’ll be inclined to keep coming back?


Treat your customers like you would in any business, and be reliable with your schedule.


Your consistent schedule will lead to your consistent fan base.


[tweetthis]Repeat customers become repeat customers because they know when you’re open for business.[/tweetthis]


Tip #3

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet


twitterSecond to keeping your consistent schedule is to keep up with Twitter. Get your fans following you so you can keep them updated on what sites you’re using and what shows you’re planning.


If you decide to try a new site, for example, your fan base will follow you there. Many cam sites do not allow mentioning other cam sites or outside contact information, so Twitter serves as a platform where you are free to market yourself wherever you may be and keep in touch with your loyal customers.


More on Twitter.


Tip #4

Money happens more when you don’t think about it.


If you act like you’re just there for the money, you’re going to lose potential clients. Your guests want to believe that you WANT to be online hanging with them. Sure, at the back of their minds they know you’re working for an income, but that’s not what they need to be focused on.


Chill out, enjoy getting to know your guests and learning to rock your cam. Get your fans’ focus away from their wallets and they’re more likely to open their wallets for you.


[tweetthis]Get your fans’ focus away from their wallets and they’re more likely to open their wallets.[/tweetthis]


Tip #5

Turn Up Personality, Be Assertive, and Be Ready For Anything


Remember your personality is the ultimate factor to whether you’re going to gain a loyal following. Let yourself shine. Let them see you. Trust me, your quality fans will love you.


Know your boundaries and be ready to experiment within your boundaries. Customers love a camgirl willing to try new things within her limits. Eventually you may even push those limits, but don’t rush that process. Stay true to yourself and your personality, and your best fans will keep coming back for more.


[tweetthis]Stay true to yourself & your personality, and your best fans will keep coming back for more.[/tweetthis]


Take it easy.



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  1. Alex_s May 15, at 21:12

    Hi im new at camming and I cant seem to get anybody interested, iv got viewer but nobody wants to talk to me or tip or ask for a private show. Iv started off with everything on, everything off, doing something interesting, talking about myself, in the bath. Does no one like me? What am I doing wrong?

    • Cat May 17, at 09:06

      Please check your setup: Tech guide. Beyond that, stop trying so hard to get people interested and just be yourself. Definitely don’t start naked, and don’t be putting on a show if no one has paid for one. It takes time for your audience to find you, but if you stick with it and don’t worry so much about the ones who aren’t into you, they will. And they’ll love you. Hang in there!

  2. Chris March 31, at 08:08

    These are all excellent tips. My only issue is actually finding my fans. I’ll get a few people come into my room but most just come and go, the others are grey viewers, and then there’s the occasional tip. I don’t see anything about how to get people to find you on such a massive site as CB

    • Cat March 31, at 11:04

      Chaturbate is a massive site with a massive user base. If you’re showing up consistently and you’re doing the work, promoting yourself on social media, your clients will find you. It’s normal for guests to come and go. Growing this business will take a fair amount of patience.

  3. Terry March 21, at 10:47

    Hello Cat,
    I’m a male performer on CB since on month and your article help me (a lot) to go tru that “job” and do it correctly and .. btw .. i love that a lot, guys are so funny with me.

    Question : 100$-170$ for a night (2 hours show) for a male performer was good or … ?
    I didnt see stats for male performers .. just ask

    Thank you.

    • Cat March 21, at 19:08

      Hey Terry,
      Sounds like you’re on the right track and doing well. Keep it up!

    • Cat March 15, at 09:09

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Veronika September 17, at 04:15

    Hi Cat, I just wanted to say your blog has been so valuable to me. I emailed you a month or so ago with questions about becoming a cam model, and really appreciated you taking the time to respond. I’ve been camming about a month now and really enjoying myself. I didn’t fully take advantage of the seven day Chaturbate window, but I’m slowly building my fan base. All your tips are super helpful, and I just wanted to say THANK YOU, you are providing great information for us newbies, and aspiring cam girls.

    • Cat September 17, at 15:16

      Hi Veronika,
      It’s awesome that you’re enjoying camming. And your comment really made my morning. Thanks so much for taking the time to connect! 😀

  5. fernanda September 15, at 03:28

    hi, cat! i love your blog. can you please talk more about promote yourself on twitter? it seems that the majority of the customers don’t even have a twitter account… besides, i don’t really know how to make it work or how to interact (with admirers and other cam models) properly…
    thank you!

    • Cat September 15, at 14:52

      hi Fernanda! Great question. I really do need to write up a real post about using Twitter for self-promotion, don’t I. >_> Here’s a quick rundown in the meantime.

      The main thing you’re going to want to use Twitter for is show updates. A tweet like “Getting on cam for some #sexy fun in twenty minutes! #camgirl” can help because you’ll have people waiting for you when you log on.

      Tweets that include a teasing image of you are more likely to be Retweeted. Share what you’re planning to wear when you log on, example. That gets you more exposure around twitter (promotion!). ***Never post explicit pics on Twitter. Too many girls do this and it makes absolutely zero business sense. Those pics are you giving away your product for free.

      When a camgirl follows you, follow her back! There are several model promotion accounts that you’ll come across. Make sure to follow them as they are likely to Retweet your stuff to help promote you. If someone tweets you a message, just hit reply and remember these are not private messages but a great way to keep people engaged.

      I hope this helps. If you have any other questions feel free to let me know!


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