How to Be a Webcam Model on Your Period

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Stacey Asks:


So assuming most of the shows you do involve masturbation, what do you do during your period every month? Do you take time off or…? I read that a consistent schedule is super important, so I’m worried that taking time off every month for that time would be bad for business. What do you recommend?


Arcana Answers:


No need to stop making money while you are on your period! Just get creative and/or use it as a means to try something new. There are many cam girls who don’t even take off their panties, never mind masturbate on cam, and still manage to make some relevant loot.


A classic stripper trick to be nude and even spread legged while menstruating is to wear a tampon and tuck the string in as far as it will go. I have known some to even prefer to cut it! It can take some searching for later but… voila, nudity obtained during that time of month.

Be sure to double check closely in the mirror and make sure that the string is not showing! I recall a dancer once who forgot to tuck it in and had a customer offer to light her wick!


As far as masturbation shows during your period, this is still possible and obtainable. You can declare it “hitachi week” or even “fetish week.” Offer something a little different while on your period that doesn’t involve full penetration. Even if your regulars who enjoy your dildo shows more than anything else aren’t on board, you will undoubtedly find others who would be thrilled to catch you enjoying some surface clitoral stimulation.

Or even just a topless breast play show. 

Or anal.


The options are limitless.


Keep in mind that most men understand we are women and succumb to nature once a month. You can hint to your customers that you are not up for penetration shows today but to try again in a few days (*wink, wink*). You can even blatantly admit that you are on your period to those who are pushy about it (as the other men in your chat room have a chuckle at the over eager and naive.). Hell, some people may even be ecstatic that you are bleeding and request a show with you for that reason specifically! (…but if you are camming as a contractor on a major website, be sure to check over the rules to see if period play is allowed.)


Or… take a few days off to yourself and vow to make up for the break later. It is your business after all and you can work whenever you want. Those who adore you will wait a few days, months even. And there will always be newcomers. Do what you like – you run the show.



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  1. Haubgirl March 28, at 09:31

    Here in Brazil we use a lot of sponge! There are not so many varieties of cup. Sponge has always saved me, the only secret is not staying too long, I stay at the maximum 2 hours and I change so I do not have a health problem.

  2. Summer January 23, at 11:00

    Try Softcup or Flex! Flex is specifically made for sex during a period- it has this cool proprietary adhesive that activates with body heat to make a seal. Softcup is a cheaper option, and you can find it in a drugstore.

  3. Dwam March 20, at 16:37

    You might as well use a sponge ! Even better than the cup on these situations, and it’s absolutely invisible.

    • Arcana March 21, at 14:41

      I will add the sponge to a list of feminine products to try. Wow, I’m going to have too much fun during my next period. 😛 Thanks for your response and suggestion, Dwam!

  4. R'ana March 17, at 22:53

    I can really recommend wearing a menstrual cup! It’s super comfy and there isn’t a string attached. You can wear a cup for up to twelve hours as well, so it might be especially great for cam models!

    • Arcana March 18, at 09:01

      Hi R’ana, I’m glad you mentioned the menstrual cup! A couple of my friends who read the article made the same suggestion after reading this and I now regret not including it- but am happy that it got spoken of in the comments for anyone coming across this. I keep forgetting in this day and age that there are way more “feminine hygiene” options available. I so want to try one now, haha. Thanks for responding!


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