10 Mistakes Camgirls Make That Jeopardize Their Privacy

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And the 10 ways that you’re going to be a smarter and safer webcam model after reading this post. Bookmark it!



Skimming through the manual or not reading it at all


Most cam sites provide a lot of useful tips in their Performer Manual, including how to set up your geographic restrictions and make use of secure phone service. These are important details that will make you a smarter and safer camgirl.

Take the time to read the guides and the rules, and make use of every security feature your cam site of choice offers.



Chatting it up about current local events

local news

Be careful when chatting. Some local news reports or noteworthy weather could give away your approximate location. I recommend avoiding these topics altogether, but if that isn’t possible just don’t get specific. Vague ambiguity is your friend.



Clicking on links provided by the customer


True, it could be harmless. But it could also be there to grab your IP address, which would reveal your approximate location unless you’re using a proxy. If you don’t know what a proxy is or how to use one, just don’t click on your customers’ links.



Not paying attention to what the customers can see


Typing on Wireless keyboard

photo credit: On-line via photopin (license)


A simple view out the window could reveal your approximate location. If you’re using a wireless keyboard, never log in to personal accounts while it is visible to your guests. I know of one girl who inadvertently leaked her passwords to an observant visitor this way. Pay attention 😉



Accepting Paypal


There are so many issues with this one. It’s against the terms of service to use Paypal for adult related services. Stealing customers from your cam site could get you banned. And in terms of privacy, your customer will see whatever name is on the Paypal account (I would guess it’s yours).



Sharing an Amazon Wishlist so fans can send presents


Some fans will want to send you presents. Maybe it’s a special occasion like your birthday, or maybe there is something specific that your customer wants to see you use or wear in a future session. As secure as Amazon may appear, your address could show up on someone’s receipt.


So, let’s get presents the smart way. If your cam site offers an internal wishlist service, use it – they’re looking out for your privacy. One such site is Flirt4Free. It’s up there with Streamate – not a bad choice. Streamate does not offer a wishlist service, and it’s also against their rules to direct customers off site. This is why you have a Twitter account in your performer name, right? 😉 Your smart customers will find you.


I recommend using Delivery Code if you need a safe spot to put your wishlist.



Sending mail to a customer


Occasionally, a fan might request an autographed photo or a pair of your panties in the mail. Selling panties is a viable business model but I’ll talk about that in the future. Right now you just need to be aware that it’s easy for the recipient to figure out which post office processed the package. Again, this gives away your approximate location and that’s not cool.



Trusting a regular customer


You might develop a kind of relationship with one or a few of your customers, and at some point you may even feel like you know them well enough to trust them with something like your name. It’s only your first name, right? WRONG.


Have a fake real name ready for moments like that, and remember that you’re engaging your fan in a fantasy and an illusion. Your real name is sacred. NEVER reveal it.


Your phone number, address, place of work, and school are all pieces of information that could also lead to your identity. Keep that stuff to yourself.




Blabbing about family and friends


It might make for great conversation, but don’t tell your guests what your family members do for a living. Keep all their information private as if it’s your own. If someone wants to “get to know you,” stick to vague and ambiguous. Or just make shit up lol.



“That pic I posted on my real Facebook account is so cute; I have to share it with my fans!”


If a photo has ever been or is currently connected with any of your real life accounts, do not share it with your fans. A quick Google image search can lead them right to those real life accounts. Keep photos of you and photos of your “model persona” completely separate.



And with that, you are officially a smarter webcam model lol. Please let me know if there are any tips that you think should be added to this list or if you have any comments or questions about anything in this post. I’d love to hear from you!


Safety first 😉

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  1. gilbert November 26, at 01:04

    Hello girls! If it happens that you find yourself(videos, photos etc) you can try cammodelprotection! I have recently discovered them and i’m so grateful and happy with their work, i wanted to share the news with other girls struggling with stolen content. Before reaching out to them, not only was i skeptical, but after finding tons of videos of myself, i struggled with anxiety and panic attacks. I feel so relieved now they actually removed almost everything. They have 3 plans, i used the superstar one:) btw, i retired from camming almost two years ago, but if i had discovered them while i was still camming, i think things would ve been a lot different. Good luck girls!

  2. VampirePet December 19, at 19:34

    Hello Cat. I have a question.
    At 7.Sending mail to a customer – do you know some way how do it without customer get my adress? Thank you very very mich. Your site is very helpful.

    • Cat January 16, at 11:03

      When you send mail it’s stamped by the post office you use, so even if you don’t put your address on the package, the recipient will be able to figure out which post office it came from. Use that information to your advantage- if possible you could consider sending the mail from a post office in another town that wouldn’t give away your location. Do what makes you comfortable, and be safe!

  3. MagentaXsand June 14, at 13:17

    I live in a very large urban area and have a tattoo of a major well recognized landmark here. and it says “home is where the heart is” in a metroplex with literally 10s of millions of people does this really put me at risk? It’s a large tattoo taking efforts to keep it hidden would subtract from my performance.

    • Cat June 14, at 16:55

      If anyone recognizes it you could easily just say it’s where you’re from, doesn’t necessarily have to be where you live currently. But I wouldn’t say it really puts you at risk, no.

  4. Millie April 29, at 12:07

    Hey quick question i know this is stupid but are you required to play with yourself? What all do you do in this industry, and what do you think makes a great performance? Thanks!

    • Cat May 01, at 21:55

      You are not *required* to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, though masturbating is one of the major sources of income for many models. It all depends on your personality and comfort level. A great performance is one that is genuinely enjoyed by both the performer and audience.

  5. Shawna February 25, at 16:19

    Hi Cat!
    I have been camming for almost 2 years. And although, I just discovered your site. Much of the advice and tips you and others have offered here I already knew to do on my own as far as protecting my privacy as much as possible. You give really great tips here for those new to the game. Thank You! I would like to add, guys will practically force their phone numbers on you. Don’t ever call or text them!!! Only communicate via the company email provided for you by whatever agency you work for. Always take advantage of the geo blocking option. And immediately manually block anyone using a proxy and happens to get through from a city/state you’ve blocked. When you choose your fake city/state of residents. Make sure you choose one that you have at least visted in order to be believable. Or at least do a little research, lol!

    • Cat February 26, at 11:56

      Hey Shawna!
      Great to have you stop by the blog 🙂 You make some excellent points, I can definitely stand behind that. Thanks!

  6. broke444 January 23, at 20:10

    Hi Cat

    I was thinking about becoming a cam girl but doing something like wearing a mask while recording. I figured there are kinky guys out there who would be into it but Idk if that’s allowed?

    • Cat January 24, at 12:40

      Hey, you’ll have to read the rules on any site you’re interested in anyway. Some sites allow masks, others don’t.

    • Cat December 09, at 19:28

      The answer is different for everyone, but Chaturbate is definitely a good place to start!

  7. ChatyQ November 22, at 23:28

    Hi Cat,
    Thanks for all your tips. Do you think it would be a good extra measure of safety to use a proxy server myself so if someone does track my IP address somehow it shows my computer is somewhere else? I’m actually not even sure if it would show I’m elsewhere or if its just made to just allow me to use my computer in other countries.

    • Cat November 25, at 23:47

      Hey ChatyQ,
      Great question! A proxy might help if you’re worried, but you’re going to have to pay for a good one. And no matter how good it is, the high bandwidth that comes with the territory of video streaming isn’t going to cooperate well with passing your traffic through a proxy. I personally don’t worry about this and have never had an issue. Hope that helps!

  8. Alice August 16, at 01:34

    Damn, I’m a bad girl lol. My clients know where I live I tell them. Some know my real name. I find it very difficult not to say where I live, to me it’s part of all the fun we’re having. I tell them, if one day you see me in the streets, just get it out of the way, come and say hello!

    • Cat August 24, at 00:00

      Lol Alice! I can’t imagine being so open about where I live, and I have never disclosed my real name even to my most loyal customer. To me that’s all part of the fun. 😀

  9. George August 03, at 15:57

    In regards to using delivery code is it okay to use your real address or is it best to use a p.o box?
    Can people that buy stuff from your wish list on delivery code see your location at all or track you in any way? Can you give me more info on the security of delivery code?
    Thank you so much!

    • O Camgirl August 05, at 16:16

      Delivery Code is a 3rd party that totally hides your name and address. People buying cannot see that information at any point.

  10. George July 17, at 22:03

    Hey Cat,

    My gf and I have been camming of and on and have been thinking of doing skype shows to keep all our profits instead of the measly 35%. What is the best way to receive money from people so that our identities can not be traced?

    • Cat July 21, at 11:03

      Hey George,
      Check out this post for some tips on using Skype for camming, including receiving payment.

  11. Tabby May 05, at 12:39

    In terms of geo-restriction, you can do this and it’s still helpful, but know that a lot of people use proxy servers, meaning they borrow an IP address not linked to their particular geographic location. People from blocked areas still have a chance of joining your show. Just today, in fact, a customer told me he was in an area I remember specifically having blocked. Be careful, ladies and gents.

    • Cat May 05, at 13:36

      Very true. I’ve also encountered this in my own shows, and I just individually block those people when they tell me where they’re from. Gotta love and hate the Internet.

  12. Maverick February 26, at 01:48

    Hi Cat,
    Is there a mentorship available where I might be able to come and learn the trade from your or another cam model? I know it’s a silly question but it would be nice to have this option for those of us who want to try it out but just need pointers on equipment, how to set up the camera, etc etc. I’m in Canada and I’ve modelled around the world and am looking for a way to make an income from home now.
    Thanks for this great site and for your openness and honesty.

    • Cat February 26, at 13:35

      Hi Maverick,
      I’m not aware of such a thing, though I can definitely see why you ask. This website exists to help with these exact questions. You’ll find pointers on equipment for example, here. How to set up the camera, here. And if there’s a topic that hasn’t been covered that you need help with, just shoot me an email. I’m happy to help. Thanks for visiting O Camgirl! Best.

  13. Chelsea February 24, at 14:55

    Hey I was wondering what would be a good way to collect your earnings or tokens after camming? I was looking at the different options and it seems payoneer and paxum aren’t reliable but i’m not sure if direct deposit or checks in the mail would label my profession on them (i’m in college and wouldn’t want to risk the school finding out about my secret life). Also, how would i deposit it in the bank without the business labeled on it? Thanks so much!

    • Cat February 24, at 15:04

      Hey Chelsea,
      Payoneer and Paxum are both good, reliable payment options. I personally use Payoneer for everything (since I started) and love it. It’s particularly convenient for me in Canada. For direct deposit and checks, most sites use the name of a parent company that doesn’t identify what the money is for. Hope that helps. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  14. Sky February 03, at 13:04

    Hey Cat!
    I’ve been considering webcam modeling for some time now… but I’m wondering: What is your opinion on tattoos in the webcam modeling world?
    I have several, including a large, unique tattoo on my thigh that would be highly recognizable. Is this a no-no? Do I try to cover them up? I guess I wouldn’t want my personal identity to be revealed because of my ink.
    Any tips or advice?

    • Cat February 10, at 21:19

      Great question, Sky! Tattoos are actually really common in the camgirl profession, and plenty of customers actually prefer girls with a few (or many!) tattoos. Your distinct tattoo may compromise your anonymity, however, and that’s something to consider before getting into the business. Of course, there are ways to hide a troublesome tattoo using makeup or special concealer, and there are countless tutorials online to help you out. I hope that helps!

    • Tina February 10, at 22:19

      I used to cover my small tattoo with a sticker but that actually called more attention to the area -“why are you wearing a sticker?” and so forth. In theory, wearing a wig or covering tattoos seems fine and dandy but to think about having to go through all this trouble every single day or whenever you want to just sign on for an hour…you will get lazy and say “f*ck it.” I stopped wearing the sticker and then everyone began asking me what the tattoo means. I do not tell them, I just say “it’s a secret.” I have seen a girl with her real name tattooed on her, or at least I imagine it is her name. That’s a bit awkward. I do try to hide my tattoos with my hair if I am taking photos for the site or for someone. I have been camming for eight years and I have been very smart about it (perhaps at the expense of my paycheck) but I’ve never had any issues.

  15. Tina December 19, at 10:41

    Be careful when you are drinking something on cam. Certain bottled water is only sold in particular regions of the U.S. and likely to be recognized only by others who live in the same area as you. Also, keep your Starbucks cup out of view. Your real name might be written on it.

    • Cat December 19, at 14:30

      Great tips, Tina! I realized the other day that I had a brand of soap on cam that I’m not sure they sell in other places. Turned that label around, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  16. RubyRhyme November 25, at 00:21

    When thinking of my own privacy I try to think in the way of the creepers. How could I find this girl? And after all the security measures taken, your environment can still give you away. Much like the flyer on your fridge. If your dog or cat walks by in the background and is wearing a tag, if someone wanted to take a screenshot they may see your animals vet on a rabies tag or your actual name, phone number, and address. NOT COOL! Also I stopped wearing my class ring which displays my name and the school I attended. Still a very slim chance of these things leading to actual issue, but its something to consider.

    • Cat November 25, at 16:03

      Definitely a good way to think of it, and thanks for bringing up these additional factors that could divulge our real identities. Class rings are definitely a no-no on cam! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Ruby. All the best. =)

  17. TrinaYeo September 24, at 08:20

    How do you get paid? I have issue with paypal, WU and moneygram. My real name and identity will be revealed and I now it’s sacred.

    • Cat September 24, at 13:13

      If you’re working on a cam site, the cam site pays you so you don’t need to worry about your identity being revealed to the customer (the cam site needs to know who you are to pay you anyway) – most offer Payoneer, Paxum, check, direct deposit. Paypal is not adult friendly and should never be an option.

      If you’re talking about receiving payment direct from the customer (indy shows), there are a few options. He could pay in MFC tokens (offline tipping), Amazon GC, GiftRocket (US only), or you could go crazy and install Zombaio on your own site.

      • Mila November 10, at 21:25

        Even with Amazon Gift Card they can ask for refund even if the money is just sitting in your account so don’t do anything until you’ve spent the money first

        • Cat November 11, at 00:38

          Hey Mila, I had to look this up because I wasn’t sure! But gift cards are actually one of Amazon’s items that can’t be returned – certainly don’t do anything before you’ve redeemed the gift code and see the amount added to your gift balance! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  18. fernanda August 04, at 11:49

    hey, can i hide my face during the performances? is that something a lot of girls do? my main concern is to be recorded and end up in porn websites, on the “webcam” category or something

    • Cat August 04, at 21:59

      Hiding your face is really not recommended, since most of your personality comes through in your face – and that is what brings repeat clients. A lot of girls try to hide their face for this concern, but honestly they tend to be the kind of girls who are masturbating for pennies anyway.

      Cam smart! Don’t ever do/show anything for free. If you’re in a private chat with a paying customer, the chances are low that they’re going to bother with this type of copyright infringement.

      I’ve been on the cams for 2-3 years now, and I have never found pics or videos of myself where they shouldn’t be. If I ever find anything, I know I can legally have it taken down for copyright infringement. I like to get paid for my work lol.

      Thanks for the question. All the best to you!

    • MirandaS January 26, at 10:55

      These are all well thought out reasons based on your personal experience which people will relate to. Once I found my video on site like that. It`s was really bad for me. Stay safe!

  19. Doug July 05, at 18:37

    Shouldn’t get into this business thinking you’ll be Ms.Anonymous forever. the 1000s you’ll make everyday actually do come at a bigger price than showing your boobs and leading on desperate nerd virgins.
    Besides that we’re all humans you’re acting like there are only the creepiest of stalker murderers to talk with, even if you have talked to that person for years and they seem cool. Stop painting some scary picture just because you’re a paranoid bitch.

    • Cat July 18, at 22:01

      You shouldn’t get into this business thinking you’ll be making 1000s every day just for showing your boobs and leading on “desperate nerd virgins.” Did I offend you somehow, Doug? You’re welcome to share your opinion and thoughts, but do be an adult about it. Cheers.

      • Tina February 10, at 22:36

        Funny – none of the customers I’ve gotten to know have been “desperate nerd virgins” but this guy sure sounds like the type of bitter creep with a chip on his shoulder that you have to watch out for. Also, the girls who make thousands a week are few and far between and they don’t seem to care much about anonymity. That’s the price you pay for making that kind of money.

        • Cat February 11, at 00:00

          I totally agree with you on these points, Tina. Thanks for commenting!

  20. Jolie March 25, at 08:18

    Not sure if you do this, but sharing images can be a privacy issue.

    I have heard that some devices these days (i.e. most smartphones!) can include the GPS coordinates of the location the photo was taken, which is stored in the metadata of the photo image – which is easily viewable in the file properties if someone knows what they are looking for on a photo that you might share.

    • Cat March 25, at 13:43

      Great point, and thanks for bringing this up, Jolie. I had actually never even considered this, so I did some research. Twitter removes the metadata (or “exif-data”) upon upload, so that information isn’t available for photos shared on Twitter. Any other photos are uploaded to the models’ profiles on cam sites and I can’t see that information being available there either, especially considering all the other security measures they take.

      One way this would become a privacy issue is in sharing image files directly with fans via email. It’s usually against the rules of a cam site to connect with fans off site anyway, and personal email is generally a big no-no lol. So, sharing images via personal email is probably a bad idea with this in mind as well.

      At any rate, I have never heard of this being an issue during the past two years I’ve worked in the industry. But definitely a smart thing to consider, so thanks for the tip Jolie!

      • Kitty Cupcakes July 19, at 17:38

        I use Pixlr, it removes all that info as well! You can use it on your phone, or download to your computer.

        • Cat July 29, at 00:47

          Good info Kitty. Thanks!

          • Kkachi December 24, at 18:42

            I know this is late, but one more thing to consider is, don’t think people won’t understand if you don’t use English. I just saw a camgirl write her name in Russian in a chat. Anyone can use Google translate these days. (Yes, I realize it might be a stage name, but be safe just the same. The girl didn’t know English very well and was very chatty in Russian so it very well might have been by mistake.)

            Along the same lines, don’t wear a “name necklace’. I remember seeing a girl from Korea who had a fake real name prepared, but was wearing a necklace that spelled out her real first name in script. She couldn’t figure out how people had found her real name and was very scared.

            • Cat December 24, at 19:46

              Definitely! You never know where your guests are coming from around the world and it’s no language is “safe” when it comes to personal details; these are some very important safety tips. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Marcus March 19, at 16:51

    You’re absolutely right that cam girls need to do what they can to ensure their privacy. You have outlined some great tips here, some of which I had never even thought about. In particular is the bit about being aware what the viewer can see. I see what you mean, that there can be all kinds of things on display which can give your privacy away.

    • Cat March 19, at 22:36

      I actually hadn’t thought of that bit before either, but at one point last year I was trying some “kitchen camming” (totally fun by the way haha) and I realized part way through a show that my fridge was in view of the cam. It was angled enough that nothing was legible, but if I hadn’t been paying attention I might have had a flyer for some local shop on display. I have a rule now that I have to clear the space of any paper, but normally I just work from my bed and have nothing to worry about that way.

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to comment Marcus! All the best.

      • Mcdreamy April 01, at 18:53

        Hi what you are saying about a webcam girl will lie about an feeling she may have a regular customer? And should never say her real name?

        • Cat April 02, at 16:37

          Hi there! A camgirl needs to keep a certain distance between herself and her customer, as it is a profession and it’s important not to let things get too personal. Of course, she does still need to cater to the fantasy which usually involves flirting and playing coy when things like actual relationships come up. And no, she should never say her real name. I think I did put some emphasis on that one 😉

          I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions, and thank you for stopping by! x Cat

  22. Emily March 19, at 15:47

    Hi Cat!
    wow such important advice you are giving here! Protection and safety must be number one in this business. With all the technology we have today (and some people can track literally anything), it is sooo important to make sure no info is leaked. I really hope those in the industry read this.

    • Cat March 19, at 16:16

      Hi Emily! You’re right, protecting our personal information is already important, but even more so in the camming industry. The reputable cam sites are well aware of this issue and have many security measures in place to protect their models’ privacy. But the models have to do their part too, hence this post. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts on this one.

  23. Claire March 19, at 13:15

    Hey Cat, this post is so important – I hope all webcam models see it!
    I don’t like to think about it, but there are some shady characters out there and however trusting we are by nature, it’s sensible and safe to keep things private.
    It’s scary the amount of ways we can all be tracked down these days.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    • Cat March 19, at 13:26

      Hi Claire,
      It’s true, there are some shady folks out there! It’s definitely important and if we’re smart about it, it really doesn’t take much to remain anonymous online.
      Thank you for commenting!


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