10 Easy Fetishes for the Girl Next Door

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When does a preference become a fetish?


The classic definition of a fetish is something not inherently sexual, but required for gratification. It is an object or trait that is heavily desired and a major part of the person’s sexual identity.


A preference is just a preference. A gentleman can prefer blondes and be just as entertained by a brunette. Someone who fetishizes blondes is unlikely to get off with someone who doesn’t have the golden tresses they desire.


It gets far more intricate than hair color. There are a number of traits “girl next door types” may not realize they possess. Viewers with fetishes are a more distinct target group, which is why they are worth playing up to.


easy fetishes camgirl“Girl Next Door” Types Can Be Oblivious To Their Fetishized Features


You don’t have to be slathered in latex and wielding a whip in 9-inch stilettos to attract this crowd (although it can’t hurt). You are likely already equipped with a couple qualities that are highly fetishized.


To get started, include these specific hashtags with your promotional photos or session announcements on social media. You can also incorporate them in your chat room descriptions. While this list doesn’t begin to skim the surface of fetishes out there, models who are new to the fetish world can easily cater to them.



In the Cam World and In The Real World, Smart Is Sexy


#glasses: As common as it is, this is probably one of the most underrated fetishes. It’s also super easy to pull off.


#geek: Whether you are super into RPGs or speak Klingon and Wookiee, let your geek flag fly! Many of your customers are likely geeks, so don’t move your Doctor Who collectibles out of the camera’s range.


easy camgirl fetishesWhat Are You Wearing, Baby?


#redlips: Puckering up to apply that fresh coat of red lipstick may feel like nothing to you, but it can be the undoing of certain men.


#stockings #highheels #panties #boots: Always hashtag or advertise what you are wearing. Specifics work too. Think #pantyhose #stilettos #fishnets #lace.



Some Vices Are Too Good To Be Bad


#420 #smoking #smoke: Smoking fetishes are classic and widely popular. This includes cigarettes, cigars, and bong hits, and the onset of vaping has only fed the flames. The plumes of “smoke” expelled by vaping are much more voluminous. Advertise these “bad habits” and profit off of them.


Take Au Naturel All The Way To The Bank


#hairy #unshaved #bush: There are a slew of customers who will only spend their tokens on women who spare the razor, specifically in the bikini area or all around.


#sneezing #coughing #burping: Yes, there is a market for this. Work on a sick day. And if you can burp on command you will be rewarded for that in ways you never dreamed possible. Now is your chance to get paid for that burp rendition of the alphabet you’ve practiced your whole life.


easy fetish camgirlFetishes Can Be Multiracial and Multi-featured


  • Race & skin color: #asian, #ebony, #pale, #tan
  • Fashion & lifestyle: #gothic, #punk, #emo, #tattooed
  • Traits: #freckles, #bigtits, #pregnant


It can be surreal to condense yourself to hashtags, but it could reward you with a small, reliable fetish following. Don’t overuse hashtags. Just include a couple with each of your social networking posts. Be sure to explore and test your hashtags out by running searches to see who else uses them and how.


It’s exciting how many fetishes you may already display without realizing it. Here’s your opportunity to play them up. Feel free to share any other easy fetishes you’ve come across during your camming adventures!



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  1. MagentaXsand June 18, at 15:56

    I read this just to say I read the whole blog. As a fetishist I was like oh I know this. nope. Never would have thought to market my glasses. LOL even the least fetish thing about me is hot.

    • Cat June 21, at 09:54

      That’s a lot of reading! Thanks for checking us out. 🙂

  2. JafieSweet September 12, at 17:20

    Hey! I’m a new cam girl. What is Cum Denial and InstaCum?

    • Cat September 15, at 09:39

      I’m guessing cum denial has to do with denying a client his orgasm, probably a fetish domination thing. Not something I’ve ever offered. I’ve never heard of InstaCum, but it sounds like something that might have microwave instructions. Just kidding. Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Hopefully somebody with more experience in these areas will come along soon!

    • Morrigan June 07, at 09:52

      Cum denial is generally the client tipping you NOT to cum. Used with a lot of wand tease shows or just for a feeling of dominating a submissive model.

      InstaCum is generally a larger onetime tip amount that allows the show to immediatly stop and start a cum show even if overall goal isn’t met.


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